[Hiring] UX & UI Designer for Decentralized Applications


This is for a three-month contract position potentially leading to a more strategic opportunity.

The Company

Cryptonomic is a Brooklyn-based startup dedicated to the emerging decentralization revolution. We focus primarily on Ethereum, Tezos and IPFS for building out the infrastructure needed for seamlessly creating scalable, resilient and functional applications to let people and communities gain ownership over their identities, information and finances through decentralization and disintermediation.

The Role

User experience remains one of the biggest opportunities in the emerging dApp world, both for our own work and for blockchain-based applications in general. The decentralized UX/UI designer will work both on our particular needs and solve conceptual decentralized UX problems in general. As we build out our core set of user-facing utilities, we will use the resulting UX framework to guide our entire buildout. This work could also be released to the wider community for their use and consideration. The distribution of work is envisioned to be:
25%- Work on user interfaces of our current projects.
50%- Refactor UI/UX for Maelstrom, our smart contract application for peer to peer finance, to gain familiarity with the domain.
25%- UX and UI concepts for creating a full ecosystem of decentralized applications.


A practical or academic background in user interface design.
Familiarity with front-end technologies like React, Scala.js or equivalent.
Ability to quickly pick up a complex new domain.
Previous work with decentralized applications is a plus.

Opportunity to work on something novel and groundbreaking.
Ability to work remotely with flexible hours.
Extensive hands-on training on blockchain technology.

If you are interested, please send an email to info at cryptonomic dot tech.