Here we go... Lawsuit filed


Tezos is way bigger than a couple dipshit lawyers and their pathetic attempts to catch some free scraps. Truth is these f’g lawyers didn’t have the balls to buy crypto when it was cheap so they are trying to get rich the dirty cheap way. This will blow up in their faces, they will waste tons of time and if they are lucky they won’t be forced to pay the defendants money for abuse of system.
As far as labeoTairovo goes he’s a parasite who will be scraped off of Tezos’ sole the first day of launch, and he will cry himself to sleep a few years from now for dumping like the little bitch he is.


If you have invested a small amount of money, then you definitely can be happy. But some people on this forum have invested some good money in it. Sad


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I just hope it get dismissed. Where is the fraud?!?! There isn’t any.
As for suing them because it should have been considered a security sell and hence going through the SEC dance rules makes no sense: why did they invest in the first place then??? Of course, this was all intentional on the day they contributed in Tezos.
We will always have rats in the world that will find ways to take away from other people.


Not filing with the SEC as a security isn’t a reason for suit, it’s evidence of fraud. Their argument is that they didn’t file with the SEC as a security because this is a scam that was never intended to launch. Otherwise, if they had filed, the defendants would be in violation of securities laws and thus liable to buyers and SEC criminal sanctions.
Their entire case falls apart the minute v1 launches successfully.


If that’s the claim, isn’t that interesting that they intentionally contributed into Tezos knowing this.
Why not suing before the ICO? Probably because “Let’s have them get money through the fundraiser which we can get after”


Yes, it is true but all these lawsuits have been filed to force Artur to move his ass, otherwise, he would be sitting and telling his stories for another year or so. When I am looking at him, I see no worries in his eyes. he behaves like nothing wrong is going on. So he has a choice now - to return investors money or start the project asap


The plaintiff was the one who was supposedly duped, not the lawyers. My theory is both plaintiffs are associated with these law firms and this suit was planned from the gitgo.


Totally agree with you Drake


Thank you so much!!!
I am searching it now how you can give me 1 Tezos.


There is also the Dash solution.
Dash has a core team, that is voted by those who own more than 1000 dash.
So if Artur is not good as leader of the core team, you may fire him and hire another one.
As long as you have ALOT of money, you may also hire another coin’s core team, to work for you.

Developers are like prostitutes. They go with whoever offers more.


Calling devs prostitutes is ridiculous. The best devs are more like artists who create because they are compelled to by their creative muses. Some are compelled by strong beliefs and know that their skill set might be the primary factor between a dystopic and utopic future. If you think great devs are a dime a dozen you are greatly mistaken.


So how many are the great devs? And if they are so many, why dont they arrive here in Tezos?