Here we go... Lawsuit filed


baptiste343, you are mixing terms. Nobody had invested in Bitcoin, at least I don’t know anyone who has been investing in Bitcoin before block 1. Everybody joined this train significantly later. The only person who had invested in Bitcoin before block 1 was Satoshi Nakamoto and his several friends. So, people who have invested in Bitcoin, were investing their money in the working project already. Bitcoin was live at that time.
Tezos is different, we gave them our money to develop something, and they kind of failed. And we need to wait undefined amount of time till this project goes live.
So difference is huge between BTC and Tezos in this sense.


By the way, Satoshi has written Bitcoin code in a few months, not years as in Tezos case. If you know Bitcoin story - the idea of Bitcoin has arrived after 2008 crisis. The same year, Satoshi had a working model. Moreover, he did not have 232 mln dollars in hands. And he did it. And this teenager Artur keeps saying that he needs more time for development. LOL. If you have money you can significantly reduce time to market. Since we have delay after delay, I afraid all these money is in trouble now ( maybe stolen)


I’m curious to know your source in this?


Same source for all his fud, out his arse.



Why not just wait for launch and dump? all this whining isn’t changing anything it just makes you look like an upset baby.


Why don’t you just buy all my Tezos using ICO price if you so smart?


I can’t, they aren’t tradeable.


I can give you my private key, so you can access them later and you give me BTC. ok?


whats to stop you from claiming them at launch? you know the pvt key too


1 - BTC growing value is stopping me. By the time Tezos launch, it may or may not worth BTC investment.
2 - Tezos team behavior is stopping me, they are acting like little children who did mess and try to hide
3 - and simply the fear that I can see no Tezos launch in anytime soon . If you think they will launch in February 2018- think twice, they are still looking for a developers


Nobody held a gun to your head to contribute, you were given the ico terms same as the rest. Grow up and take responsibility for your choices and stop pouting like a litle child.
The game has changed but you haven’t seemed to notice. The chances of quick profits off new coins are all but gone, the only way to profit is to hold for a long time - years. Your mind is still in 2014 when coins would pump in a week, snap out of it and see reality.


If this is your philosophy about cryptos, what are the guarantees that your investment will yield a return in SHORT term?

You must be thinking!

Source of your claim is needed

Were you privy to the discussions? If yes, at what stage are they now?

And you are an adult for failing to take note of their childishness before contributing, your greed possibly blinded you or why should an adult like you send money to immature teens? What were your expectations?

You would have waited until the network is launched, the teenage team advised you to wait if your interest is on dates…! Wiser than you, aren’t they?

In summary, the Tezos i contributed seems to be really different from yours cos:

  1. Mine were founded by brilliant ADULTS, yours were by teens
  2. Mine has a little issue, which is being resolved, yours can’t be resolved
  3. Mine is still under development the reason for which i contributed, yours is supposed to have been launched for you since past months, may be 3 months ago, for you to make money!! Your is dead!
  4. Mine has the foundation as both managers of marketing, development, promotion funds etc, yours is to be marketed by one of the teenager from her pocket or personal savings
  5. Expecting mine to be launched any time from now and that when they are fully sure its ready, yours is dead and can’t launch cos it wasn’t developed since three years ago!
  6. Etc.
    Am very sorry for your tragedy and loss, sorry dear


2nd lawsuit filed…


I would like to buy 1 Tezos from you. I am paying in Dash. Can you sell 1 Tezos to me?


This attempts to start a lawsuits may be the part of ongoing war between Breightmans a Gevers. Paintifs looks like Gevers puppets trying to stall the development of the project. I dont see nothing bad in softwere dev delays, its a common practise in this land. Qtum, stratis, xem and many more - all of them are behind their development curve and roadmap. Is it a reason to sue them all? Those people complaining about “lost opportunities” are just incompetent noobs and should stay away from investing, especially from investing in VENTURE projects like crypto! If you want to get a clue on whats really going on with the development of the project just looks Arthurs weekly dev updates. All the rest is meaningless. And yes, I expect more suits in different states. Thats why american clowns should be prohibited from taking part in icos. All other world would feel so much better.


I can give you one Tezos for free, if you tell me how


If Tezos founders really violated SEC regulations, then pretty much ALL other ICOs out there did too. So why are the lawsuits only on Tezos?
Just because they raised the most ? That’s no excuse/reason.

As I said before, the “land of the free and home of the brave” are less free on many things than other countries, including with these 3 letter acronym government agencies that are only there to feed the corporatism/fascism foundation. At least there was a bit more freedom in the cryptoland with ICOs, but because of these idiots behind these lawsuits, the US citizens might end up even less free… again.

Part of being free is making mistake in your investment. Having a centralized, monopolized governmommy ruling agency with assignment from the industry typically they have to oversight makes sure the peasants stays peasants and get creamed at “bernie madoff” style (SEC did nothing even if warned).
Someone should tell these guys behind the lawsuit to watch “The Big Short” and they will understand they are helping this corrupt system by inviting it to the cryptoland party.

Being free is being able to take any risk you want.



Because other ICO were not caught. Remember you are not guilty until you get caught.
Look, many Ponzi schemes were not shut down in the beginning. You may ask why? Simply because people did not complain before it explodes. Remember Madoff case? It was 65 bn Ponzi Scheme - why it wasn’t shut down in the beginning? Simply because people did like it and no one has complained by that time.
Agree with you 99% of these ICO are simply a Ponzi schemes. IF SEC will try to regulate them, ICO market will die next day. This is what makes crypto differ from traditional markets


We don’t need a SEC for this. That’s what lawsuit would be for. And one more reason to know who is behind any ICO, what’s their track record, etc.
In the case of Tezos, there is no wrong doing, just a feud within founders, while the funds are still held and the foundation’s work is still ongoing. So where is the fraud?? There is none. These clowns are suing because they claim it did not “follow the SEC rules” - in other words: nearly 95% of the people who invested in Tezos would not have been able to if this for a company doing funding pre any IPOs. (ie: only Accredited investors)
Actually, for Madoff, it wasn’t shutdown because the club was using it. Watch “The Big Short” and see how they (big banks) priced the credit default swap at an artificially low price until the big banks bought some themselves, then were ready to let it go high.