Here is why we love crypto currency - to save ourselves from this lunatic central banksters

Got Tezos? And Bitcoin, and gold and silver:

A sign of things to come: devaluation of govt currency to reflate the system, currently too saturated in debt:

As usual, ZH is hilarious at pointing out the insanity and creating a humoristic angle on it:

Among Williams’ other suggestions include not only negative interest rates but also raising the inflation target - to 3%, 4% or more, in an attempt to crush debt by making life unbearable for the majority of the population - as it considers new monetary policy frameworks. Still, even the most dovish Fed lunatic has to admit that such strategies would have costs, including those that diverge greatly from the Fed’s current approach. Or maybe not: "price-level targeting, he said, is advantageous because it fits “relatively easily” into the current framework."
Considering that for the better part of a decade the Fed prescribed lower rates and ZIRP as the cure to the moribund US economy, only to flip and then propose higher rates as the solution to all problems, it is not surprising that even the most insane proposals are currently being contemplated because they fit “relatively easily” into the current framework.

These central banksters got out of the asylum


They are fighting off deflation, have been for years. Whats to come: things becoming more expensive, wages going down, mass unemployment, stagnant economy. With no money to spend business will drop like flies. When has this happened before? The Great Depression. Combine this with the coming age of AI and robotics taking a good 40% of worldwide existing jobs from people and giving them to machines and you have the recipe for a worldwide depopulation event. They can only hold it off with tricks for so long.

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Pretty much
Well, they are creating asset price inflation (stocks, houses, bonds) all going up. Central Banksters have control on how much money they print, and the first recipient are assets, and then general price inflation follows. They don’t have the full control on where the money goes once they printed it. All they can do is manage expectation.

I wonder how many folks here have seen “The hidden secrets of Money” By Mike Maloney. 7 episodes, all available on youtube.

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You do realize that XTZ is inflating at the rate of 5.51% per year?

“Requiem For The American Dream”

“Inside job”

etc, etc… There is so much out there. But denialism is strong, specially when it comes to admitting economies like the one of the U.S. is that of a bankrupt entity (7 times bankrupt actually), that is absolutely in debt, and for every dollar printed (or virtually created by banks that value themselves on debt - virtual fiat is over 90% of the existing circulation) is owed with interest.

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