Help Panic! I can not log in to Tezbox!

Have read many older forum threads on this topic but have not become wise!
I was part of ICO 2017 and have activated Tezbox 2018 as I also made a small transfer of tezos from Tezbox to another wallet.
But now after two years I can not log in? I have password / 15 Word Secret Key / Seed / mail / Public Key. (but has no private key)

Question! Should it be possible to restore my account with only SEED / PHRASE 15 words ?? (When I try, I come to an account with a different Public Key) with 0 tezos.
Have also tried the Galleon wallet which also devised my information.
I can see my Tezos on
Grateful for help

Yep I managed to access the account, I thought I changed the password but it was the old one that worked, luckily I still had this, apparently the password was also needed!

Tezbox is not longer supported and has lots of bugs. You will need a different wallet such as Galleon. To access your funds from another wallet you just need to use the same seed phrase you used to setup the Tezbox wallet.

Thanks for the reply!
I managed to get into the account, only 15 words Seed was not enough but I had to have a password, I thought I changed the password after activation but luckily the old password was still working.