HELP: Excess XTZ in Baker account


Can someone please help clear this up for me…

I have 20,000 XTZ in my baker, hence I have 2 rolls.

I have an additional 400 XTZ available which is shown as excess which makes sense, I don’t have enough for a 3rd roll.

Is there any difference in keeping this 400 XTZ in my bakers balance compared to sending this to another address I own and delegating to my baker?

The only difference I can see in the BakeChain GUI is that if I delegate the 400 XTZ to my baker, It’s classified as excess and delegated stake and starts filling up my capacity.
Where as if I just hold the 400 XTZ in my bakers account it’s just listed as excess.

Are either of these methods beneficial to me as far as receiving endorsement and baking rewards / increasing my staking power OR is it better off to stake that 400 XTZ to a different baker?

I read someone that it’s beneficial to have as much staking power as possible as it increases the chance you’ll be picked… does that mean excess is good?

Please help me understand this excess business…

Thanks in advance


The total amount you have in address 1 is used for baking and bonding. If you transfer “excess” to address 2 and delegate back to address 1, then you are using up your own staking “capacity” since those TZ are now in a different account. This is just like if you delegated to someone else; you’d be filling up their capacity based on how much they have in their baking account for bonds. If you don’t plan on taking on any delegations, I’d say delegate the 400 to another. But if you want to open up as a delegation group/service, you’ll want to keep that 400 in the main address to assist with bond capital. We just launched our baking group. PM me if you’d be interested in delegating or joining forces.