Have I lost my Tezos? :-(


I made it through the process to import my Tezos from the crowdsale. When I did this I believe I imported them to a new wallet in Tezbox. I seem to have gotten distracted and I wrote down the original 15 word key I got during the crowdsale.

That 15 word key now generates a different public key. How can that be?

Here is the original address which was generated by the 15 word key-
You can see I got far enough to delegate my funds.

Here is the new address generated by the 15 word key-

I would be greatful for any help.

No one is completely worthless. They can always serve as a bad example :wink:


Since you certainly can be sure about the 15 words, the error will be in either email or password. One thing you could do is to use the tezos.blue wallet for importing your fundraiser identity. After the 15 words you will see the generated identity address changing as you type in email and password. This might be useful for you as you can modify your input and see the new address instantly. Could be something like capitalization…


!!! IT WORKED !!!
I had given up!
You have done me a great favor!
Please let me know if/ how I can repay you!
If not you a Tezos cause?

:superhero:THANK YOU VERY MUCH HASSMAN!!:superhero: