Guys, what are your thoughts on these predictions?


Based on previous market cap discussions I’ve seen here before. Even with baking/delegation, I really don’t think that 5 years could have my tezzies at $440 :neutral_face:
Or at over $190 at the one year period…


I am still searching to exchange some dash to tezos, and I dont know how.


Suppose I exchange some cryptos in the Hitbtc exchange and I buy some tezos (XTZ).
Where do I keep my XTZ?
Shall I keep them into the Hitbtc account?
Is there a way to withdraw the XTZ from the Hitbtc exchange, and keep it in my computer ?


Fuck those predictions. Don’t trust it and don’t believe anything written like this.
Trust in your own belief and read stuff of better quality than that shitty site where all cryptos will certainly go up (“Tezos (Pre-Launch)'s price will increase from $4.71 to $179.93 within one year from today.”). To claim that any coin WILL increase is not serious investment advice and whenever you see something like this, don’t trust the source!!


Think bigger, like a mega burger to the power of stupidity


I would suggest you to wait until the real XTZ are released on the betanet network. I’ll let you know when is happening.


It’s impossible to answer you question. There are so many unknowns… Worst of all - not only that the quality of code is important - but also - marketing. By my opinion in this field this project has failed. When it comes to a term “Ethereum killer” nobody mention Tezos. This is the field team should put their focus.
Everyday at 8 AM CET there’s a show of one very influential YouTuber - show named Ivan on tech. He, himself, doesn’t even know a basic facts about this coin. I like this guy and his show, but it also makes me a little angry hearing him to constanly talk about the EOS or Cardano.
Then - there’re actual quality of a code. We got to believe developers saying - a project is perfect, but only real world application will show if this is truth. I do hope it is, and I do believe them. I plan to buy a little more; I do regret for not buying a little more in ICO phase. Now I have to hope that price will fall around 1$ and then start to steadily rise when actual applications start to emerge. Anyways - this is probably good long term investment. Buy and hold.
I know - from time to time - it’s hard not to think this way: “God knows I’m good and everything will be just the way I want to be”. Right tomorrow, if possible :wink: