Guido says founders have caused a 'catastrophe'


There is now a supplement:

2018–01–29: Our lawyers advised me to take down yesterday’s “Moving Tezos Forward” post because of threats against the Foundation made by two parties. While I personally never respond to blackmail, the first priority here is to safeguard the Foundation’s interests, and the lawyers feared potentially harmful fallout, so I am — with misgivings—following legal advice.

Both I and the Foundation remain committed to communicating with the community within the constraints imposed on us, and will follow through on the plans outlined in yesterday’s post. I will do an AMA once the Foundation’s most urgent priorities are on track.

Cool stuff. I guess we should stop posting here on this forum, we might get sued. Tezos: a lawyers’ paradise!


It sounds as if you are trying to intimidate the community.
Or it could be a joke.
Or irony.

We need Gevers to step down … fast.

Suport Arthur


Does anyone have a copy of or a link to Gevers deleted Medium post “Moving Tezos Forward”



The latter, pure sarcasm. Its frustrating. I thought we had finally come to an end of this useless war.


Brilliant. Very foresighted making a copy.
Thank you very much.


I read your posts and try to understand.
I’m not trying to be sarcastic.
I’m not trying to have a war.
I’m sorry if I made you frustrated.