Guido says founders have caused a 'catastrophe'




You sure you wanna see that?


Yes, even if it’s bad news.

In this reuters article Gevers told Reuters he is not stepping down. ……………” He said the other two board members “are attempting an illegal coup.”

It’s all a bit confusing


Gevers gave some news on Medium.
He’s going to step back as soon as a new board is on track !


Great update, well written, very positive! It’s moving forward, action is coming. YES.


Like this texte on Monetas ?


There. Very nice. Spread the positive mood. Thank you.

PS: haven’t we discussed this going-bankrupt thing already, like a thousand times? Any text on crypto valley association maybe or bitcoin Suisse association? Come on, just as icing on the cake…


You must not be naive. Just realistic on Gevers.


Whatever I posted on Tezos over the last months is extremely realistic and pragmatic. Tezos must power ahead NOW or it will disappear. I fell in love with Tezos for idealistic reasons, but now we need pure pragmatism. Hopefully one day we can go back to idealism.


This is not serious !
2018–01–29: I was advised to take down this post for prudential reasons. Both I and the Tezos Foundation remain committed to communicating with the community within the constraints imposed on us, and will follow through on the plans outlined in yesterday’s post.


Sorry… what? I am afraid I don’t understand…


The article posted by Gevers on medium (MOVING TEZOS FORWARD) has been taken down.
You understand ?



It was pretty straightforward and given the current situation…


Yes I agree with you. This article is full of lies.


Thats not what I meant. But if I remember correctly, there was also some blaming involved (Arthur not having done this or that), which is not ideal at this stage. We need peace and constructive thinking.


For you, trying to take over a million dollars is just a point of view?


again: what do you mean, elaborate pls?
in any case, this “taking down for prudential reasons” :unamused: , that’s not good. Maybe I am simply craving too much for activity, any activity… we need peace.


What was the activity of Gevers during last months ?
Nothing on twitter, Nothing on youtube.
Maybe Contact Reuters ?


unfortunately the post was deleted…