Guide to Building a Tezos Machine on the Cheap

Hi all, I bought a Chromebook to use as a cheap and light travel laptop, and turned it into a laptop I could use for Tezos development. Here’s the guide. I’m sure there are improvements to be made (and I can already see a few typos!) so please feel free to make additions/changes. I’ll probably have a couple more guides coming out as I work through things, including one on emacs.

// side-note: can we have a new category for Hardware? I wasn’t sure what else to put this under.


Hi @laprunminta, I put a link to your site yesterday Ultimate-guide-to-building-a-tezos-machine in the Solar baking area. We have a Raspberry Pi and a UDOOx86, so the more the merrier.

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Awesome work, thank you! Are you setting up OCaml/Michelson development environment for Emacs? It would be great to have a guide with tips and tricks on that!

Thanks, moonbaker! Sorry, I had missed that!

Thanks, Farmer_John. Yeah, I was hoping to write up a guide on using the Tezos emacs mode soon.

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Building a Tezos Machine on the Cheap added to

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