Galleon - how to transfer coins from delegate to manager?

I’ve got the Galleon wallet open and can see funds in the tz1 manager account (tz1bBeroYQ9kanLakYQB6BM9drxEKBKBgL9g) & I can see the transaction when I sent coins to the KT1 delegate account (KT1TzCWuWMA4EKdiBSiqNsbuk3cGcfLGfbQP). When I click to “open up” delegate account it opens the “operation details” in Arronax beta. When I click on the delegate account it opens a windows that shows processing the request but doesn’t complete the request. WTH? How do I transfer delegated coins to the manager account?? Thanks!

Thanks but that Telegram account has no messages.

Looks like the history was cleared. But someone is replying! So I’ll let you know, Thanks!

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