For everyone needed help accessing Tezzies

Maybe you haven’t click on the padlock button? You see the cursor in an upper-right corner?

After you do this you’re presented with another page:

For unlocking wallet you use the new password you have chosen. You can put this page among your favorites.

Hope this helps.

Hello! help me please. as you said I chose FUNDRAISER WALLET

what to write in these paragraphs?

fundraiser seed words - 15 secret words +. I understand it.
but what’s next I do not understand:

fundraiser email adress - here need an email which I specified at the expense of funds or when registering XTZ?

fundraiser password - the password that was during ico or the one that I use when logging in to

fundraiser adress - ??

Thank you!

Thanks man… I’ll definitely try it out

Word fundraiser means ICO. Mail address, secret words and public key are in a PDF (or paper, if you print it). Password is password used in the ICO funding the project (when you’ve bought XTZ during the ICO. Activation code you should receive after a KYC process. You can see it if you log into a same form used for KYC.

You must not forget to actually activate your XTZ tokens. You can do it at : After some time (up to 15 seconds) you’ll get the message that everything is fine. You can go now to enter all that data in TezBox.
I think that you shouldn’t have any problems.

XTZ I have already activated

But I have some problems :

I did not save the password that I used during ICO.
the mail I used was no longer active
I have:

15 word Secret Key
Public Key
activation code
What should I do in this case?

Thank you!

There’s brute-force password recovery tool on Github, written especially for this reason. URL is: But the usage is, asa you will see, very unfriendly for non-tech persons. It can be better idea to contact and see what they will advise you.
The fact that mail address isn’t active anymore isn’t important at all. As long as you know it.

in RESTORE YOUR TEZBOX there are such options:


these options are not suitable?

When you start Tezbox and choose to restore your wallet for the first time, you have to use third option. This means that your choice has to be fundraiser wallet.
The word fundraiser stands for ICO. Fundraiser address is public key, written in a PDF. Before restoring don’t forget to activate. URL is written in this thread.
First two options have sense after you’ve restored your wallet for a first time. The password is’t that chosen during the ICO.

thank you!

I wrote to the support team, but they do not respond. do you know how long to wait for their answer?

I see many people commenting here with the same questions. Brian June and Stephen Andrews did a very clear YouTube video on how to activate your tezzies and move them onto the Betanet with Tezbox. The link is in the comments following my own how-to article.

To be successful, you have to have the password and email you used during the ICO contribution round, the seed phrase, the public key to your ICO wallet, and optionally the activation code from the activation process. That’s all for security, so that no one steals your tezzies.

I want to transfer XTZ to another wallet
what to write in the line fee and parameters?


I never tried to send XTZ from TezBox (on Github) to any other wallet, so I can’t tell you anything about fees. Search the Internet. Optional parameters are - optional, you can leave this field empty.

I never sent some message to support team so I cannot answer on this question. Have they already answered? Write you question here.


they did not answer

I wrote about my problem, I do not have a password that I used during the ICO

I thought that the PDF file would be enough and did not save it. Now I can not get my XTZ

As I’ve said before - you can try brute-force password recovery tool that you can find at The problem with this tool is a fact that this is the tool written for IOS and is fairly complicated. You can instead contact the admin of the unofficial Tezos Telegram group Jon whom you can find if you go to the and join a group. His handle is @erroneous. So you can ask him to send him a private message (to PM him). You can go to his personal Telegram by clicking the previous link - but I wouldn’t suggest you do so - it’s not polite. Ask him for his help; I don’t know if your secret mnemonics is needed for this process - but I wouldn’t suggest you give it to him. If this mnemonic is needed, a better idea is to ask for the help of someone whom you trust and who can do it.

As you can see this Telegram group is very active - but please be careful and reveal your secret mnemonic to no one! Only you (and somebody you personally know and believe) can know this. Nobody else! However - you can state your question in this group and see what somebody would tell you.

I am having issues with restoring my fundraising wallet.

I have read through the forums to try and solve the problem and have done everything I can think of to restore the wallet.

I have:

  • Seed phrase
  • Funding email address & password
  • PDF public hash
  • Activation key

Here’s where it gets strange! I thought the issue i was having was my password. So, i downloaded the password checker, went offline, and put in my information. All my information was correct, HOWEVER, the public hash key that the checker gave me was NOT THE ONE FROM THE PDF!

I was able to use THAT NEW PUBLIC KEY and other information to restore the wallet to tezbox. But now, it’s showing a 0.00 balance on tezbox; and when i check it with tzscan, it too is showing 0.00.

But when I check the original public hash from my pdf, it is showing my initial funding balance.

PLEASE HELP if you have any recommendations or ideas.

I had similar issue.
Try Tezos Blue!

Hi. I´m having the same issue you had. Were you able to figure it out? If so, how did you do it?

i know my public key hash but when i registe it make a error below:

anyone can help me ?thank you very much