For everyone needed help accessing Tezzies


Hi all!
I’ve had a problem accessing my Tezzies when the answer was given to me (thanks @ramreddy) - before using TezBox to access Tezzies you have to first visit this link:
You can enter your data freely - after all - you don’t give your private key here, only your public key and an activation code.
After this process you can visit the link: and restore your wallet using an ICO contribution data.


Any recommendations on if I didn’t save public hash? I have password, private key, email,etc.


I don’t understand… have you lost your ICO PDF? In this PDF are secret phrase (this is you private key written this way, do not share this), mail address you’ve used in ICO - and - public key hash. But before you can access your XTZ you have to activate your account, meaning you have to do the KYC/AML identification. Have you already done this? If you haven’t - link is:


What I’m saying is that I can’t even complete the Public Key Hash Registration because I don’t have public hash.
I didn’t feel comfortable printing ICO PDF so I only noted wallet #, password, my email used and secret key. Just looking for a work around because of missing public key


Only thing that I think of is to try to send a message to Their job is to help people to find their account in case that for some reason their contribution doesn’t show up while checking it on a page Of course, it is necessary to know a public key hash - exactly that you don’t know - but you can at least ask them to help you find your public key from your password and mail address.
Sorry for not being from real help - maybe somebody else will help you more. Tell me if you succeeded. Good luck :slight_smile:


I have all the tools for tezos but I don’t save the 15 phrases (seeds) so I cannot take my tezos … I lost hem?


Unfortunately, as far as I know - yes :weary:
Maybe Tezos core team can do something about it, but I don’t believe so. Anyway - try to contact address I’ve mentioned before - but don’t expect too much. I’m really sorry. I hope that at least it wasn’t too big amount. Try to remember, search everywhere …


Sorry I’ve made a mistake and wrote that you send your secret phrase to the support team.
You must not reveal this to none! Never :skull_and_crossbones:
This is your private key - something that you never should reveal to anyone. But I am sure that you know that. Anyway - sorry again.


Hello! how can I transfer XTZ to TezBox?


Like you would any other coin from any wallet to some other wallet. But if you already have your XTZ that means you have recovered them, probably from TezBox. If this is so you can create new wallet, for example, TezBox from Chrome, or vice versa. Even inside same wallet you have the option to add new account, that is wallet. However this way you have to pay the fee of 0.25 XTZ.
I so know if this helps… rephrase your question, give me some more details.


I completed the KYC procedure. and now I do not know what to do next. how can I get my XTZ? how to enroll them on TEZBOX or any other wallet?


I passed the procedure KYC. How can I now transfer XTZ to my wallet TezBox or any other wallet? I do not understand what to do after the KYC procedure.


Earlier I didn’t understand what’s your problem is. First is necessary to activate your XTZ (because of the KYC). This is done following a link For this you need public key and activation code. Then go to the and choose restore wallet (if you choose create new it won’t give you the option to enter your private phrase (15 words). After choosing to restore wallet choose an option to restore fundraiser wallet.
I guess you’ll be good.


Thank you very much!!!


I have successfully activated, restored & delegated my ICO Tezos using Tezbox, but the frustrating part I’m facing recently is that my browser refreshed and I’m asked to restore again, even though I now have a password different from my ICO password.

What am I to do in this case pals?


Maybe you haven’t click on the padlock button? You see the cursor in an upper-right corner?

After you do this you’re presented with another page:

For unlocking wallet you use the new password you have chosen. You can put this page among your favorites.

Hope this helps.


Hello! help me please. as you said I chose FUNDRAISER WALLET

what to write in these paragraphs?

fundraiser seed words - 15 secret words +. I understand it.
but what’s next I do not understand:

fundraiser email adress - here need an email which I specified at the expense of funds or when registering XTZ?

fundraiser password - the password that was during ico or the one that I use when logging in to

fundraiser adress - ??

Thank you!


Thanks man… I’ll definitely try it out


Word fundraiser means ICO. Mail address, secret words and public key are in a PDF (or paper, if you print it). Password is password used in the ICO funding the project (when you’ve bought XTZ during the ICO. Activation code you should receive after a KYC process. You can see it if you log into a same form used for KYC.

You must not forget to actually activate your XTZ tokens. You can do it at : After some time (up to 15 seconds) you’ll get the message that everything is fine. You can go now to enter all that data in TezBox.
I think that you shouldn’t have any problems.


XTZ I have already activated

But I have some problems :

I did not save the password that I used during ICO.
the mail I used was no longer active
I have:

15 word Secret Key
Public Key
activation code
What should I do in this case?

Thank you!