FAQs about Delegating to Tezos.Community


We’ve written an FAQ that explains delegation, and what you need to know about delegating to Tezos.Community.

Delegation FAQ


Jonas did Mike change his delegate website address? Just checking to see if it’s legit. Thanks


Yes he did. MyCryptoDelegate is now CryptoDelegate.


In the FAQ you state that “A question that every staker wants to know, and one that has a complex answer. … What bond coverage your delegate has compared to the number XTZs delegated to it.”

There’s quite a large number of XTZs delegated to tezos.community, but I wasn’t able to find any information about the bond coverage. Will tezos.community be able to secure enough XTZs to cover the required bonds?


I know that the first few cycles have a lower bond requirement, however, tezos.community now has in excess of 7 million XTZ delegated to it, will the service be able to come up with a necessary bond of roughly a million XTZ?


Why hasn’t Jonas responded with an answer to this?


I’ve delegated a lot of XTZ to TC. Though I’d like to know the future details of TC bonding and be assured TC won’t fall short like Tezzigator, I can wait for this to resolve because TC delgation is Jonas, and I’ve been impressed with him over the past difficult year. His reputation matters to him. I believe he’s the kind of person that will share the TC bonding details asap, and also let us know asap if he can’t deliver. After the year we’ve all had, I’m happy to have one person delegating I know who’s never let me down.


Actually, I’d be willing to post bond for my own XTZ with TC as my delegator. I believe the returns this first year will be > 8%, enough to pay for me bond. Then, why delegate? For the security of joining with a more reliable baker than I can become myself.


Just wanted to make sure everyone on this thread has read our note about being over-delegated, what it means, and what you can do to help. Tezos.Community Delegation Service Update - July 4, 2018