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‘A deep dive into Multicore OCaml garbage collector’ by KC Sivaramakrishnan, research associate at OCaml Labs - http://kcsrk.info/multicore/gc/2017/07/06/multicore-ocaml-gc/

Spotted this interesting link related to OCaml on Reddit and thought I would share it here.

@murbard had replied with this interesting comment below that I thought I’d also share here:

Murbard wrote: 'Pierre, who’s been working on the Tezos protocol, also works on multi-core OCaml.

That said, it’s not exactly clear if there are many benefits to running on multiple cores. Multiple core computation do make sense in a few contexts, such as running a fluid UI with a background computation thread, or heavy calculations with a lot of shared, mutable memory.

Blockchains are immutable data structures. In a sense, they already embed the logic that a multicore GC would have to use to safely manage memory. In that respect using several concurrent processes doesn’t pose a difficulty.

Currently, we use LWT, an asynchronous framework for OCaml, which is also capable of multithreading.’


Hi, I want to show you my ocaml projects:

  • secp256k1-ml : bindings to ocaml for the secp256k1 elliptic curve library
  • bitcoinml : Bitcoin data-structures library for OCaml, parser, serializer and sexper (transactions, blocks, segwit, and more) https://github.com/dakk/bitcoinml
  • letchain : an experimental Bitcoin full-node using bitcoinml https://github.com/dakk/letchain