Estimated rewards update


Where’s the estimated baking rewards update when we submit our address? Following the screenshot above it is saying 9/7 there should be an update, of course i understand that we are in early stage of the project and probably there are more important things as the bond coverage stuff but still very excited to have an estimate… is the only fancy one with a baking calculator but in software: Always deliver more then expected and everybody is satisfied :wink:


I got both cycles 0 and 1 up last night (7/10) – so I was a day late with cycle 0 (sorry!) but I was two days early with cycle 1! Maybe that evens out? Check and see if it looks good to you.

You’re right – overpromising and underdelivering is a recipe for disaster!

In my defense, the code was all ready to go by 7/9, but there was still some discussion among the bakers about at which block the snapshot was taken, and that wasn’t resolved until 7/10.


Hello, knep. Sounds like you’re the hands-on guy doing the Tezos Community baking for all of us who’ve delegated to TC. Thank you, and It’s nice to hear you’ve gotten going!

I’d guess that since so many others have delegated like me, and want to delegate, that there are those like me without the experience or equipment to bake ourselves. Please be patient with our noobieness and questions.

One question I have that may help others too: Since the TC bond pool is growing daily as well as the delgated total, and the bond eventually needs to be 8.25% of the baked/delegated total, is there any way to estimate what % of the pool will be earned to accumulate in and build the pool? In otherwords, apart from additional direct contributions to the pool, what % of growth in the pool over time might occur?


Hi Knep, thanks for the quick heads-up and explanation, really appreciated!
All looks good to me, it’s great to see some estimates now, looks like 30% of all Tez is staked for cycle 1…

Keep up the good work, i think Tezos community will be one of the biggest delegates :slight_smile:


Interesting idea. However, the rewards will grow the bond pool at basically the same rate (less fees) as the delegation themselves will grow, so I doubt that the actual rewards will be a meaningful source of bond coverage. (I could be wrong.)