Do we have community managers?


Hello community!

First of all I want to apologies, It’s been a long time that I do not show up here.

I’ve been looking other projects like Nano and Decred - I do not own any of them, just researching - and seems that they’re more organised in terms of their community. Here in Brazil, Decred gained a lot of visibility due to this fact (they even registered an newborn in the Decred’s blockchain).

The question is if we gonna have community managers someday. If yes, I would like to apply myself (right now I manage the biggest groups either on Facebook & Telegram. I also sent a lot of sticker to Tezos supporters in the pasts months). Would be great if we could have people engaged to work for the local communities.

Best regards from Brazil,



Hi Leo,

Thanks and welcome back. We have added our first moderator recently. Its @frabrunelle. Feel free to reach out to him to discuss adding more mods and getting the word out about about our forum. We’d love to have a growing Brazilian community!