Do I have everything setup correctly to bake?


I’ve got 11,200 XTZ in a tz1 address. I’ve got a node running and it is sync’d. I’ve registered same tz1 address as it’s own delegator. I have baking daemon running, endorser daemon running, accuser daemon running.

Am I missing anything? I keep seeing references to “putting up a bond” but I don’t see any documentation/examples for how to do that. Is that handled automatically by the baker daemon?


yes it is automatically handled by the tezos-endorser and tezos-baker daemons. Check the status of your tz1 account(s) on the tezos explorer


@maxtez-raspbaker Thanks for that clarification. I’ve checked the status of my tz1 address online and it still says Current Deposits: Baking: 0 ꜩ / Endorsement: 0 ꜩ

Scanner shows 1 delegation, from self to self that is about 1 day old. The address shows >10,000 ꜩ staking balance. Is that all I need?

I just now need to wait several weeks? There’s no other way to determine “I’m good to go” ?


from what you are describing I think you are good to go. Possible selection of your roll for baking/endorsing will start in 7 cycles from the time you registered the delegate key. In the meantime there is really no need to keep the baker and endorser daemons running. Not much else to do till then, just keep the blockchain on your node up to date, that’s it.


If I turn the baker/endorser off though, then I have to periodically check if my address has been selected right?


the baker/endorser daemons are of no use for checking when your rolls will be selected, that is a task for the tezos-client program or you can use a tezos explorer like You can safely start the baker/endorser from the cycle at which your rolls could be chosen, their only purpose is to validate or create a block.


@maxtez-raspbaker Do you know what RPC from the client that I can call to see which cycle I am baking? I can see on that I have indeed been selected for Cycle 23. I want to write a script that checks my address on a regular basis to see if/when I’m baking. Pretty sure that’s some raw RPC that I need to query.


sure here (from the tezos docs):

./tezos-client rpc get /chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/endorsing_rights?"cycle=21&delegate=tz1---baking-account----"

./tezos-client rpc get /chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/baking_rights?"cycle=21&delegate=delegate=tz1---baking-account----&max_priority=5"

just change the cycle, delegate account (tz1) and priority for baking (priority 5 = baker is on the top 5 of the list for baking the block)