Delegation / Baking - What happens if I am baking on my own PC and it turns off for a few hours?


If I am not delegating my baking to another service/node but instead running it myself, what are the penalties for downtime? For example if my computer was off for 10 - 20 hours during the baking period? (assuming the baking period is 60-90 days)


no penalties - you just lose the chance to earn parts of your 5% inflation.

Now, in the future its possible that if you miss your turn enough times, you may stop getting selected altogether, until you become “active” again. but Im not quite sure what “becoming active” again entails.

not 100% confirmed, but it appears the cycle length may be about 16384 blocks, or about 11.35 days assuming all blocks are baked on time.


I had a look at your website, but I do not fully get two things: If delegating to you
1.) What are the costs (i.e. how much will you deduct from the 5%)?
2.) Is also any sort of voting power delegated to you?


We cannot comment on costs yet, too many unknowns, but Im almost positive with my low overheads your overall returns will be better with us than with anyone else. Final fees will be released when all baking criteria is fully known from the devs.

It does appear that when you delegate, you also delegate your vote. but its not known yet if this means that a delegate then gains multiple votes where the delegate can cast different votes different ways , or if the delegate then gets a single vote that is weighted higher with more delegation.

so really, just too many unknowns at this point


I see. Another question. I think I once saw a post from a future delegator mentioning that the public and private key (not the password) will be necessary in order to delegate my Tezos.
1.) Is this also necessary at Tezzigator
If yes
2.) I do not feel comfortable to share/use my private key in any way as it means an additional risk of being hacked.

Hence is there no other way, e.g. by using only the public key and possibly some other form of identification?

In general I’d like to participate in any sort of voting processes as long as it is not extremely technical (code specifics etc.). I’d like to use my right to be part of the development of the Tezos ecosystem.


regardless of the delegator, you never need expose your private key or your tezos to delegate out. regardless of the delegator, you will send a transaction to the blockchain using your local Tezos client that signs the operation locally on your system with your private key and sends the signed transaction to the blockchain. this keeps your private key still private to you.

id guess that most delegates will develop a way for you to let them know your stance on issues. Tezzigator will do this for sure.