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Due to recent events in the Tezos’ exosphere, Chaino̲matic has regrettably been forced to refine our offering.

As you know we believe in the reality of true democracy. This beautiful view would not exist without all of you who stood by us; you wanted to delegate yourself, vote for yourself, all without a middle manager capturing your vote. We heard you and fully supported your view of real on-chain democracy.

Decouple voting from delegation was and is our beautiful vista.

That view meant that we had to take on financial responsibilities, some of which required us to enter into yearly contacts for example, secure private cages in data centers. This means that every month we pay without the support of all of you we lose.

For those who did not get to spin up one of our delegation nodes, I’m sorry you missed out on our elegant trial. We really did something amazing, covering the globe with Tezos’ nodes that required no effort or security risk in delegating yourself.

No other crypto had anything like it:

  • DDoS secure
  • Blazingly Fast
  • Open source ID hardware module with 2 factor enabled
  • ZFS file system for instant recovery and performance
  • Extreme Resilience with 10G pipes
  • Spin up 1 or 1,000 Tezos’ bakers in seconds!

Internally we called it “Tezos’ orchestration

I’m writing this off the cuff, so bear with me.

Please do not construe this as anything other than what it is, a forced decision to abandon our Tezos self-delegation offering.

I hope that we will be able to continue in a limited capacity supporting Tezos’, simple delegation nodes I guess, but as of now?

Hope, in reality, is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Do not hope fellow Tezos, make it happen,
Jonathan from Chaino̲matic


There’s a difference between hope and faith - apparently you don’t have either.


So the UDOO network you were planning is canceled?
Thats sad.

The Path Forward

We gave you our address in order for you to send us a UDOO. And now you give up!!!

Could you please give us our address back? We dont want you to know our address anymore. Neither we like to reveal our address to strangers.

Or, if it is impossible for you to forget our address, could you please send us a wishes card for the new year?


I want to make this crystal clear:

Not a single person paid for any equipment sent out, Not even shipping!

One last thing:
Immediately after posting this thread the hate emails started pouring in, a lot of hate and only hate.

No good deed.

This will be my last post, no followups.


Nobody blamed you for stealing money. You made a list of people who are interested in Tezos. You hold their names now, and their location. And, who knows, you may sell this information. This is a secret agent’s and spy’s behavior. Thats the reason they hate you.

In similar cases, I always recommend to the people who want to protect their privacy and anonymity, instead of giving their real name and location, to give to the person who is asking their personal data, the name and the location of their lawyers.

@Chainomatic I hope you will reconsider, and that you will join Tezos community again in the near future.


His idea wasn’t going to fly anyway, nobody is going to let him stake their tezos just to have the profits burned.


His idea to delegate you to keep vote not burn profits only burn large holders to keep check of tezzies if only delegate chainomatic not true what you said.


Should you wish to follow along with more of my thinking on this see this thread: Tezos & The Law of Large Numbers or How Much can I Make?