Delays are to be expected, and another one just happened. Time to get an ERC20 on the way. Thoughts and ideas inside


Ok so software is hard and Tezos will no longer be released in Feb 2018.

Source (includes image of Arthur confirming via chat.)

I do not believe Arthur’s team should be involved in the ERC20 as they have real work to do.

However the good thing about the foundation is that we have all of this money waiting to be used. I believe a contractor will likely charge between $5,000 and $100,000 for an ERC20 contract loaded with the genesis information.

The QRL (Quantum Resistant Ledger) did this and brought the following benefits:

  1. They knew software was hard and their network has been delayed several times.

  2. This means that people who need to sell or what out can just sell, no need to contact a lawyer.

  3. This also means that new people can get involved. Right now Cardano is stealing all the newcomers to this space that want a Tezos like coin. This crypto space is growing fast, it’s likely there are 10x the people involved in crypto now than before the Tezos ICO.

  4. So right now we won’t let angry people out and won’t let all these newcomers in. (And no IOU’s do not count.)

  5. With an ERC20, angry people can leave and newcomers can join.

  6. If newcomers can join it’s likely we’d have 10x the community and people involved come next year when we do launch. This also means greater chance of people using Tezos for their startups.

  7. The QRL team are not Ethereum programmers and have no experience in that area. They just paid someone to do it. If the foundation is serious they can contact Peter at QRL and see what contractor they used to build their ERC20.

  8. The biggest reason Arthur said that Tezos ICO should be uncapped is to get Tezos into as many peoples hands as possible. Well right now we are missing out on perhaps the largest influx of people we have ever seen.


Why are you spreading this noise?


I feel ERC20 is what the community needs right now.

I suspect the motivations of people against ERC20 for Tezos. What motivates you to hold the community back?


I am original, i hate imitation, Tezos is the best and must not (in my own opinion) behave like the rest of the shitcoins. Nonetheless, if ERC20 is the best way forward by AB and the TF, well i do not hold them back but note you that Eth must not seem to be our bailout on this matter or it will seem to be super-superior than Tezos.

Whatever is the consensus, carry on while Mitezos has long been gone into fields of other ICOs leaving Tezos to gradually evolve on its own without so much fire on AB’s ass to take thoughtless decisions. If its possible, (not all members understand) lets leave AB and team to do their best.

I still believe in Arthur’s Feb. 2018, but if it delays a little while, no issues with me. Thanks


@Mitezos Yes, i same idea with you


Yeah thanks @jay_nguyen


I would tend to agree. Cardano as well has so far only delivered an MVP, the settlement layer, to enable it’s investors to trade their tokens. At the moment, it’s not even decentralised. The biggest improvements will come with the “Shelley” release in Q2 2018.

If I understand correctly, what you are suggesting is a similar approach, with the difference that Tezos should use an ECR20 token.

I am worried this step would damage the Tezos brand. Tezos wants to compete with ETH (and Cardano etc.) If it cannot stand on its own feet (like Cardano at the moment) and has to rely on it’s “rival’s” technology to mitigate it’s delivery issues, I am worried this would intuitively disqualify it in people’s mind as a serious ETH competitor.


Cardano also doesn’t have a sociopath, narcissist running their foundation (Johann Gevers) which in my opinion is Tezos’ #1 problem. All other issues can be sorted out in time with a solid Tezos version 1 launch even if it’s after February.