Competition: Design a new logo for Tezos.Community



Like I said. My favorite out of my four proposals is the one with the “hand” :slight_smile:
So here is some stationary, how it would look on twitter and a T shirt :wink:



XTZ logo.
XTZ round logo.
XTZ community logo.
Couldn’t help it since I had an idea.
I know it’s too late.


So. What happens next? Deadline was four days ago.


Hello everyone. Thank you to all who submitted logos for Tezos.Community. We really appreciate your efforts and creativity. We’ve selected a winning logo - The hand logo created by @otas32. Congratulations Oscar!

Message me a tz1 address otas32 and the 25 XTZ are yours!


Awesome! Thx :slight_smile:

Let me know where I can send the files.

And I have no idea about a wallet, since I haven’t even set up one for my own tezzies. Which wallets are taking XTZ?