Competition: Design a new logo for Tezos.Community


We are in need of a new professional iconic logo for Tezos.Community. We are offering 25 XTZ as a reward if we end up using your design. Here are the qualifications:

  1. The will be used on Twitter, our website, and other social channels. The logo needs to look good in Twitter’s circular format. We are looking for an icon mark, not a word mark.
  2. The logo needs to emphasize the concepts of tezos and community.
  3. You do not need to use the current Tz mark in the logo. Feel free to create a new version if desired.
  4. Post your submissions on this thread.
  5. Deadline is Wednesday, July 4th.
  6. Other items: The final version will need to be a vector format, submitted in both black and white, as well as color. The logo needs to look good from 2x retina screen to favicon.

Thanks. If you have questions, send an email to


Here’s my submission, V1 and V2 followed by V1 in 3 different colour schemes.


My interpretation of the Tezos community. Could be any color. What is important is the simplicity and structure.


My submission.
Raising a hand symbolizes the intent and the ability to participate. The image symbolizes the participation of a whole community. Also reflects the idea of decentralization.
It is a black and white image, so just one file.


Here’s my submission. I’ve chosen food since it is very significant and we all need to eat to survive in a community. The taco is a globally well-liked food source and it’s funny also a source for great discussion (because of many varied toppings and ways to eat it)!


EDIT: Sorry forgot to say it’s colour but only one file.


:rofl: This is ridiculous. Shouldn’t the veggies be inside the taco rather than over it? oh… actually i take that back… it looked to me like a taco held sideways… this is such a masterpiece. It depends on the angle from which you see it! You win my vote.


Thanks, I played around with some different perspectives but didn’t know if we were allowed multiple submissions.



If you guys like this direction, happy to iterate further. Feel free to hit me up on Telegram @alex_onechain



Here is my design concept for the community logo:





Here’s my first logo entry, hopefully more to come - can explore what the text lockup will look like if this one is well received. The ideology of the layers beneath are representative of a network in motion. Thanks for looking!


My second design.




Hey guys. Just saw this.
Ok, time to put my skills to work for the community :slight_smile:

Be back soon with proposals!


Ok, let me explain the thought process for each proposal:

1- (top left) It’s about the blockchain. And how the XTZ structure functions within it.
2- (top right) The large “C” stands for the Community. The circle is an abstract of the world.
3- (bottom left) It’s about every member of the community being as important as fingers of a hand (of the whole). Every node, every baker or delegator, etc.
4- (bottom right) It’s about our interactions/conversations/consensus. And how it improves this great project.

Regarding Color Schemes. That can come later. I asume we will have finalist picks, so if any of mine are chose, we can move on from there.
These are already in vector format, and I have plenty of experience preparing Brand Books, so I can prepare all necessary variations.
For now I’m not going to get into applications, that can also come later.

Ok, gotta get back to my job.
Good luck to everyone!


Oh, btw, my personal favorite is the hand :smiley:


Last ones I swear


This is good.!!! I choice this symbol.


Here’s some of the merch we’re planning (normal hoodies will be around 25 XTZ, ripped/fashion ones a bit more).


I’ve updated my proposal further down on this page