Compatible Hardware Wallets ? and Idea


Does anyone have any info on what hardware wallets will be compatible for Tezos ? I was told Trezor ?

As a group why don’t we create a XTZTEMP coin and do an ICO and Give the money to the developers to help move things forward.


A second ICO is not on the road map because it will create a feud between initial contributors to Tezos foundation and new ones (through T2 foundation or other).

In fact : how you allocate tokens between those 2 ICO ? Do you dilluate first backers ? Do you create a hard fork (which is what people doesn’t want in the first place with Tezos) etc…


Regarding hardware wallets - None are announced yet. Personally I am lobbying for Ledger. Regarding a second ICO, I dont see the community getting behind this. For better or worse, we are nearing the beta launch without the help fo the Foundation. Once coins are in the market, the funding pressure will ease significantly.


I understand a second ICO would cause issues, I was just thinking out loud.
I was thinking they could invite “only those” who participated in the initial ICO to buy a very small amount each. Raise a Few million dollars and buy them back from the members at a later time for double what they paid for them 100% profit and then destroy them, kind of like means to an end or a loan to the Breitmans. Just some funds to help them to completion. Thinking out loud, has no substance in the real world of things I suppose lol.

I will need to get myself a ledger, I have a keep key ( useless) and a Trezor, (Not used yet)