Cardano (ADA) Uses Formal Verification


Thanks @glebowski, that’s an important reminder. I can understand the concerns of e.g. @drake or @anon44 whatever (who seems to have left the forum, guess he kind of lost patience and temper, which I can understand somehow). In the end, Tezos is not alone, there is competition everywhere and they will crush Tezos sooner than we all think. It’s good to be reminded of this. There are many Tezos supporters with skills to drive the ecosystem (devs, marketing guys, whatever) and the longer this takes, the sooner some will turn their backs on Tezos. I don’t hold ADA, neither any other 3rd generation blockchain coins, but I believe many other Tezos participants do and thats a huge risk for the success of Tezos. Sorting out this dispute via the legal system is certainly a way, but it is definitely not the fastest way, on the contrary, it is extremely slow and hinders any decent communication (because these guys are told to shut up by their lawyers). I still believe the best for DLS and the Tezos foundation would be to deal with each other. They don’t need to like each other. I am on the Breitman’s side, but possibly they made mistakes too and just having a Tezos mob lynching Gevers without knowing shit, well, if this is what Tezos should become, that’s worst case. Sort it out, deal with each other, handle it, and make Tezos the last blockchain. long live Tezos.