Cardano (ADA) Uses Formal Verification


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@mkts Do you know best way to invest in Cardano? Did you buy in at the ICO or on an exchange?


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@labeoTairovo Please see my response to your other post.


Seems like an interesting project, but they launched their blockchain prematurely, and it’s currently centralized. If you check their roadmap (which oddly is it’s own website), they say the decentralized version with most of the features is still in the works, and there is no timeframe mentioned on the roadmap for this, so it could be years out. Maybe they launched early to beat Tezos to market?

I’d prefer for Tezos to wait until it’s complete before launching, which appears to be the current plan.



Cardano SL mainnet launched on September 29, 2017 to allow trade and transfer of ADA and to gain insight helping to facilitate a fully decentralized protocol. It is running now in a centralized location to allow goals to happen. You can see all code on Cardano SL and even run multiple decentralized nodes in a test lab which allows much insight.

Please note @ben the decentralized protocol target is Q2 - 2018 as put forth on their road map.

We run Tezos and Cardano gaining insight, if you want to gain more understanding on Cardano choices please read pdf at International Association for Cryptologic Research


@e_v I’ve been trying to find info on how to setup a Cardano node but no luck. Do you know of a resource with directions on how to setup one?


Ah yes, the date isn’t very prominent on the roadmap, but I see it now. Thanks for the clarification.


Hello @glebowski please take a look at: How to Build Cardano SL and Daedalus from Source Code

The Daedalus wallet is quite interesting as it does not have to, but can, download the entire block when activated. This I think will become standard in all future wallets as it saves much time for new users.


@e_v Thanks so much!


I have to admit Cardano was a better project than Tezos.

it raised 110% today in terms of Bitcoin and 130% in terms of dollars

Wow, I wish Tezos would ever made that move


@labeoTairovo In all sincerity, I posted info on Cordano to illustrate the similarities between it and Tezos. I feel there is tremendous upside and room for both to succeed. Cardano appears to be more transparent at this point which I believe have been your main issues with Tezos.


I agree with you 100% on the transparency. They let the community know exactly what is going on in the development, marketing/promotion, business relationships, and other initiatives.

We haven’t heard from the Tezos Foundation in months. If they continue to be this opaque after launch, then people will stop supporting Tezos.

I bought some ADA at 0.530 and now it’s hovering around 0.1128.


Cardano is currently sitting at 50 times the ICO, and from the looks of the volume, not much has been sold yet. The project seems like it has potential but no way am I investing at this point, maybe if there is a major correction.

Sounds like the ICO was only offered to Japanese citizens?


These shill posts for the shitcoin cardano should be removed as soon as they go up. We are all extremely upset about the way Tezos is going, go sell your shitcoin to some other group.


if Tezos didn’t launch on time, all the ideas they have worked for many years back will be stolen by many new upcoming coins like ADA and they would get the credit meant for Tezos.


You can steal an idea and remain second class after all windows os has many competitors yet it remains on top. ADA never came up with these ideas ab initio so they will ever remain second class. Again you can steal an idea but you cannot steal the backers and the passion devoted to the original owner. ADA is a little child, it will grow on its pace but can never buy over TEZOS greatness no matter the efforts. An elephant must always be heavier than an ox no matter how much you feed the ox…just a little bit of my imagination!


This project is developed by the Ethereum developers and they are creating a better Blockchain


I invested in Cardano in November when things looked pretty bleak for Tezos. I hope it will launch this year because I invested in it as well.


Better block chain is debatable. From what I can tell Tezos might have a slight lead in actual functionality over Cardano. Tezos is being dragged down by the Tezos Foundation and lack of anything remotely resembling leadership by Johan Gevers. Once he is gone Tezos will thrive.