Cardano (ADA) Uses Formal Verification


So what are your thoughts on Cardano (ADA)? Seems very similar to Tezos and may have a slight head start.


Definitely similar to Tezos.
They are still on a testnet, yet they are trading coins? Are these futures on bittrex? Do you know how it works on that part?


I do not think it is futures on Bitrex,
It may be a real coin


There is a btc/ada trading pair on Bittrex.


You can buy it on Bittrex with their btc/ada pair.


Since it is still in alpha, I wouldn’t be buying the coins, hence, it would be some sort of derivative. But what kind? Is a token on Ethereum until the network is running? Or something else.


I’m fairly sure Cardano is a network like Ethereum and Tezos. There are approximately 31B tokens currently with a max supply of 45B.


Yes, that’s seems to be their plan. But right now, it seems only a alpha/beta test net is available, just like Tezos. Unless I’m mistaken.


The mainnet is live and allows buying and selling of the ADA coin. I think it is running on private nodes or something like that. I’ll post back if I find what I was reading last night.


mainnet live, I didn’t read this. Well, there are indeed ahead if so.


Read this blog. They have a live mainnet and plan to decentralize with their next update (Shelley). They seem very organized. The Tezos team could learn much from their approach and with $500+ million could easily build a more robust community. I think there is room for several base layer networks like Tezos, Ethereum, Cardano etc.


Cardano blockchain was launched September 29th 2017


I invested in Cardano and I am equally excited about it as I am with Tezos.
Here a recent article about formal validation mentioning both coins.


Guys, we are happy for you and Cardano project and we wish you success there.
But what is in common between Cardano and Tezos? I mean why would you post all this information here?
Could you have found a dedicated Cardano forum and talked to people there?

You may see some similarities between Cardano and Tezos, and that is ok, but it does not mean all your findings should necessarily be posted here. This is a dedicated Tezos forum.


@labeoTairovo I posted it for you! Read up on the Cardano project and you will have mountains of fresh new material to trash the Breitmans. No seriously, Cardano seems to be much more organized than Tezos at this point and the Breitmans could learn a thing or two from their group.


Formal verification and voting, please review LiquidHaskell for Cardano’s thoughts on language.
Most developers know Haskell better than OCaml, if at all, so can get to market faster.

Know your competition better read Why Cardano.

When you gain understanding please consider voting for yourself on the Tezos blockchain as voting is a big differentiator that Tezos will have now.

Thank you @glebowski for bringing Cardano to the Tezos community s attention. They are very active in Singapore, my home.

Please consider chainomatic my employer if you want to run a node without having any technical knowledge to keep your vote.

Thank You

The Path Forward

@e_v I don’t have a lot of time but read as much as I can on blockchain technologies. I am vested in Tezos so I think we can learn much from Cardano as our journey is long and there is much to learn. @labeoTairovo has been questioning Tezos leadership and I am starting to see his point. I am posting about Cardano here so the community can see different management styles. I have already decided to use Chainomatic to setup my own node so thank you for confirming my decision.


You just confirmed that Cardano is a different project.
Unfortunately, I don’t have to learn more about Cardano in order to trash Tezos even more. Logic is not there.
With same success, I could have learned about any other Coin in TOP10. They are way much more organized then Tezos.

Your point about Haskell vs Ocaml is valid. I have no idea why Ocaml was chosen for Tezos project, besides it has many advantages that are needed specifically for blockchain and that no other language has.
Despite it, it is still a stupid idea with Ocaml - because no one is going to learn this stupid and very unpopular language. Tezos may stagnate, therefore. Developers won’t join Tezos. Sad…


@labeoTairovo You are right and everyone else is wrong. Congratulations you win.


glebowski we know who you are. You better tell us where are our money is hidden?