Cannot Move Tezos Off of TezBox

I cannot move my Tezos from TezBox because it won’t connect to a node. But when I download the Galleon wallet, I can only see an older version 9.4b and the 1.1.2b (May 14, 2929) does not show up. When I download the 9.4b (Feb, 19, 2020) it does not let me create a new wallet, eben when I select create new wallet.
I can see my Tezos on Tzstats and I have my seed phrase available.
Can anyone advise me?

Hi aum333,

I don’t understand most of what you wrote but I do know you don’t need Tezbox to access your funds. TezoBox is no longer supported and has lots of bugs. You need to create a new wallet like Galleon. To access your funds restore access using the private key or seed phrase you created in TezoBox.



Hello, @aum333 Has your issue been resolved ?

Yes, Galleon installed and all is well. Thank you.

Have you been able to claim your rewards for migrating to the galleon wallet ?

I stopped using Tezbox for this reason, encountered too many bugs too frequently.