Build and run issues

I’m trying to build from Github tezos | master, following the instructions at [](How to build).

After creating the OPAM tezos switch, at the step “make build-deps”, the package for jbuilder fails to build. The make tries to install jbuilder+beta19. I tried installing the current version, beta19.1, which works, and re-running “make build-deps”, which again fails (the version of jbuilder seems to be pinned there).

I switched to my already-installed 4.06.1, and just hand-installed all the latest OPAM packages. That allows tezos to build and install successfully. Then, when running “tezos-node”, there’s an uncaught OCaml exception:
Fatal error: exception Json_schema.Dangling_reference(_)
Raised at file “src/”, line 1007, characters 12-78
Called from file “”, line 100, characters 12-15
Called from file “src/”, line 992, characters 10-60
Called from file “”, line 100, characters 12-15
Called from file “src/”, line 1000, characters 10-17
Called from file “vendors/ocplib-resto/lib_resto-directory/”, line 636, characters 23-53

So: not having much luck here, trying to run the software.

The master branch is not ready for prime time yet, you may want to switch to the zeronet branch. Just in case, all the stored data from the alphanet should be removed. If you need help the Riot Tezos channel on freenode is the place to go.

opam pin add jbuilder 1.0+beta19

opam install -y astring base biniou cmdliner cohttp cohttp-lwt cohttp-lwt-unix conduit conduit-lwt conduit-lwt-unix cppo_ocamlbuild cpuid cstruct cstruct-lwt ezjsonm fieldslib fmt hex ipaddr irmin js_of_ocaml js_of_ocaml-compiler jsonm logs lwt mtime nocrypto ocaml-migrate-parsetree ocb-stubblr ocp-ocamlres ocplib-endian ocplib-json-typed ppx_ast ppx_core ppx_deriving ppx_driver ppx_fields_conv ppx_metaquot ppx_optcomp ppx_sexp_conv ppx_tools_versioned ppx_type_conv stdio topkg uri uutf yojson base64 cppo easy-format magic-mime ocaml-compiler-libs ppx_derivers ppx_traverse_builtins re result sexplib stringext

make build-deps


Thanks. This helped me compile on Ubuntu 18 (by pinning the jbuilder version).