Bringing Alphanet to the masses (Web Wallet)


I’he forgotten to tell you that this guy really has a real name. He has published video interview with Arthur so he’s likely to be legit. This is not reason for me to hand over all my money to him.


im not sure why you you are under the mistaken assumption that you have to use my web wallet if you want to use me as a delegate. you dont. There are a number of wallets already that allow you to control your private keys and also allow you to delegate to whoever you choose.

this web wallet is being developed for those who are new to cryptocurrency who unable to figure out how to use the regular wallets that I just mentioned.

but even if you found a delegate who will hold your tezzies for you and still give you private keys, you still run the risk that they steal your tezzies. what you describe has the same exact risk as my web wallet.


I only remotely know the principle of technology common to many cryptocurrencies. Isn’t it PGP cryptography? Isn’t private key the only thing that decide the ownership of coins (tokens)? How is it possible to stole coins without a knowledge of private key? Are you suggesting that in a moment in which I access such wallet and use private key to unlock it, the owner of such software wallet will spy on me and steal my private key?


Hi, you said:

If a delegate is “keeping” your tezzies and allows you to control private keys, this means that both you have knowledge of the private keys.

Maybe that is not what you meant though? In any event, you will be able to use a regular wallet (non webwallet from my system) and still be able to use Tezzigator (or most any delegator, for that matter) as a delegate.

If you have a node on the alphanet now, or are using one of the alphanet wallets that allow delegation, you can delegate out to tz1gator8pjfx4PGm6vaUPVqY1fsvZ2hbo32 now and see all the reporting we have buil in operation already.


For all those who still believe in Tezos - I’ve found one delegate who’ll let you keep your private key secret and just tag your Tezzies indicating that they are staked and he’s your delegate (Tezos protocol enable this). By my opinion he (they) is (are) good choice. Link to their landing page is: MyCryptoDelegate