Bringing Alphanet to the masses (Web Wallet)


I have released v1 of my Web Wallet; any email address can be used to sign up. Since this is alphanet, currently there is no email verification or password recovery; I will work on that as well as 2FA as mainnet nears. For now, anyone can sign up (multiple times with different emails if desired), and the system creates a free contract with 100K tezzies for you.


Its pretty much desktop only at this point. Ill work on CSS for mobile sites though.

There are features for advanced users for dealing with messages such as sign & verify, encrypt & decrypt. And of course, you can send and receive tezzies and have a record of your transactions. Finally, wallets created here are automatically enrolled in the Tezzigator delegation system. To access the wallet:

I will be in NYC in a few days to briefly present this and the required security features built into such a system (encryption of private keys , anti-CSRF, anti-XSS, etc)


I created a new protonmail email account and signed up…but for 24 hours I have the same error(rpc request). Does the protonmail have anything to do with preventing the funding transaction from going through?


no - theres occasional problems with alphanet nodes; other app devs have reported the same issues. ive git it working now and you should be able to send/.receive now but transaction reporting is down as I am working on soemthing on there now


I’m in! Not sure what to do, is there an address book I can reference for sending tx’s?


thats some of the functionality that is being worked on


I understand, I’ll be following along, just want to contribute if possible


Why is this server down?


working on new things :slight_smile: should be back up momentarily


I succeed to log in now, but when I came to the stage of checking funding (accessing webwallet), I get the following error: “Error - RPC request /blocks/prevalidation/proto/helpers/apply_operation Error!”. After waiting several minutes and even several times nothing new has happened. How to go further? What can I do?
I’ve accessed a wallet in anonymous mode of my Chrome browser. There is a proxy between me and this online wallet but I suppose it doesn’t matter.
I can see that I’m not alone, but I also see that this should be fixed right now.


this is a bug in the alphanet tezos-node software, not the delegation system. its not just me that experiences this issue where we cannot create contracts.

ive restarted the alpnahet node in my server and its working again.

maybe ill need to set up a job to just automatically restart it every so often.


I’ve got another problem - this web wallet says: “UserPage could not use RPC to get balance!” :disappointed_relieved:
So it seems to me that I’m bankrupt. Where’s the problem now?
It seems that your server is really lazy, it refuses to work.

One question: what are these free tezzies? Real coins? I paid for only 2945 XTZ. I have nothing against gifts, but such generosity would be quite strange…

When I try to enter with another mail address - the result isn’t better.


the tezos-node alphanet software is running at 100%. im investigating now.
these are alphanet testing only free tezzies. they are not real and will not be avaialble in the mainnet launch.


Yes, I’ve guessed that.


Right now everything works fine.
BTW, thought this isn’t quite polite to ask I think that you should tell a little more about you if I’m going to choose you as my delegate. I do not hide my identity and the fact that most other people does this make me feel uneasy. Maybe you already revealed your identity, I only recently started to participate in community, excuse me to be suspicious. In fact your identity is not so important to me, but I like to know that you’re the part of Tezos team.


Im not part of the tezos dev team - I dont believe any delgegate out there will be part of the tezos team as that would be a huge conflict of interest.

my site has details of my background, who I am, etc. so feel free to read more about me.


Thanks! I’ll visit the site. About this test wallet - what if one day we choose you as our delegate and it happens that your wallet doesn’t work as it should?

OK I just watched this video interview. Everything is clear now, I just like when people use their real names. It’s like wearing dark sunglasses, makes me feel uneasy.

This question about real web wallet stays the same. Please explain me. I guess that as long as I’m in control of my private keys everything should be fine. Correct?


The webwallet works just like coinbase where the private keys are kept within my system. I do still make available to you a tool to be able so sign and decrypt messages though.

You do not have to use the webwallet to use Tezzigator as your delegator. I just implemented the web wallet for 2 reasons: 1. for people to be able to use the alphanet (since the CLI client can be challenging to install and use), and 2. for people who wish to use a coinbase-like web interface.

You will still be able to use the official Tezos GUI client (when it is release) and still delegate out to Tezzigator.

If the wallet ever stops working as it should I will simply troubleshoot the issue and fix it.


What you’re talking about is that I should trust you… I know that this isn’t very different from keeping my money on some exchange and trust them - but this could be lot more money. Not from a beginning, but after year or two… I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it. No offence please. :worried:


Please do not trust them I just lost $100,000 in bitcoin gold scam trusting the website bitcoin gold.


Wow! That’s a lot of money, you have to be some billionaire :open_mouth:
Right now I have only about 20k USD in total. Tezos was my (and still is) biggest hope because I came too late for Bitcoin and even Ether&Co revolution. But, as some say - it’s never too late. BTW - don’t worry - as I said Tezos is a big deal for me and I’ve found delegate who will keep my Tezzies while still allowing me to control my private keys. Something like MEW or NEO wallet, or similar. A name of this delegate is MyCryptoDelegate and by my opinion they are quite OK.
Look, maybe (most probably) this guy is alright too, but this amount of money is too much for me to take a risk.
I’m seriously thinking to take all of my coins and tokens out of centralized exchanges - they might be much more liquid, but they are more dangerous.