Bitcoin Suisse KYC

I am having issues resolving KYC process with the Bitcoin Suisse AG. Anyone with any suggestions or may be a contact with Bitcoin Suisse to escalate my issue. Thank you in advanced.

there is no issue with KYC and BS. If you made a contribution with BS last year, KYC was the preliminary step to be accepted.

So, are you saying, since I haven’t heard from them that I can assume that I have been denied?

I am saying that you went through the KYC process at the time you made the contribution with Bitcoin Suisse. Contact them (email/phone) and they will tell you how to claim your xtz.

I have, multiple times with no response in over 3 weeks. That is why I am here. Wanting to gather insight on why they might no be returning my emails. I have complied fully their request on KYC.

Alexander Ostergaard

Awesome. Thank you!!

see also the last Bitcoin Suisse announcement a couple of weeks ago here

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Hello. In my opinion, the cryptocurrency will only develop on a global scale and you did the right thing that you have already thought about how to invest money in this area. I didn’t have such a problem to be honest, but my friend had a similar problem, he also had some problems with the withdrawal of money. I don’t remember exactly how he solved this problem, but I do remember that he read an article about Bitlocity . It talked about how to invest properly and about different customer problems. He contacted his consultant and was helped to solve his problem. I think you should also contact your supervisor right away.