Beware of Scams and Scammers


With the Tezos fundraiser on the horizon, we expect a number of scams and scammers to emerge to seperate you from your hard earned $BTC and $XTZ. Beware! The Tezos Foundation has made it clear that the ony trusted source of information and links to the correct fundraiser site will be posted on

Please post your concerns about scams and scammers below and we will have the community review and comment.


Concern with TezosHub (

TezosHub emerged around June, 14, 2017 and claims to be a Tezos presale escrow service. They claim to offer guaranteed access to Tezos coins at a rate of 1 XTZ = .0002 BTC. This equals the Tezos Foundation recommended rate of 5000 XTZ = 1 BTC. So far so good.

However, the Foundation has offered a declining bonus program that starts at 20% during the first 60 hours or so. So any funds deposited at TezosHub will likely be converted during that time, and that 20% float will be profit for the TezosHub managers - not you, the early risk taking contributor.

Recommendation: STAY AWAY - this is at best an unnecessary service, at worst a total scam.


Is this site affiliated with


TezosHub is not affiliated with Tezos. You are advised to stay away. Additionally, someone is on Reddit advertising a “public presale”. There is no such thing. If one wishes to participate in the Tezos fundraiser one must do so through the official means documented here: