API on Tezos node

Hi all, first post hope this hasn’t been answered before but I couldn’t see any answer in the search.

I have spun up a Tezos node on Carthage to play around with it. I wanted to send API calls to the wallet and node from an external app (because building stuff is cool).

Am I right in assuming that I don’t need the Tezos client to perform API calls? That I can just use something like “http://www.myserver.com:9731/monitor/bootstrapped” directly from a browser to return the JSON content?

I would ideally like to build a web interface to send and receive funds and check the status of the node possibly for future baking etc.

Hope this isn’t too basic but I’m just learning the ropes at the moment.

Hello @Somedude . Has your issue been resolved yet ?

nah mate, someone on Reddit did say you can just send API calls direct to Tezos without using the CLI at all but I can’t seem to find any examples of this.

@Somedude once you have you tezos node set up you can send json-rpc calls to query on top of the node