Announcing the T2 Foundation



T2 Article in Wall Street Journal:


Thanks Jonas,

Just seen the full video, it seems great idea ! Thanks again for spending your personnal time on this

My only concern, the only thing which was not clear to me is

if T2 launch Tezos network, How T2 will get back information from ICO contributions to distribute associate tokens ? Or maybe I just didn’t understood …

This is incredible. I can’t imagine how much work must have gone into this. Hopefully this is exactly what we need to push the project across the finish line. Thank you Jonas et al.!

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Thanks to those involved, particularly Ryan Jesperson

The Core Dev team is in possession of that information. They will ultimately make the call on which foundation they choose to launch the Tezos main net with.

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The community is hopeful again. Thanks @Jonas

Thanks @Jonas …seems this year will be great for Tezos and community

Thanks a lot Jonas !

Total support to T2, although I am afraid the drama is not over.
My impression is that T2 will be ignored by the Swiss authority and the original fundation until the time comes to allocate the reserved tokens.
The Swiss Foundation Authority will go ballistic if the reserved tokens will be assigned to T2 instead of the original foundation. Another good reason to do it anyway!

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That money is frozen. The court would need to rule T2 as trustees of those assets, and not Tezos Foundation. With enough public support I can see that happening…

Intellectual property could be transmitted to the original foundation and developers can then hardfork or double the Genesis block and do the support on the second block chain.

For allocation of tokens, all contributors would have tokens of two block chain. Do this scenario seems possible to you ?

What is annoying is that tezos have been developed to avoid such case as hard fork…