Announcing the first "Tezos on the Road" tour, kickoff in Brussels, April 27th


Do you want to become a Tezos baker?

We are organizing 3 events sponsored and supported by the Tezos Commons Foundation in:

  • Brussels, Sat April 27th (hosted by
  • London, Sat May 25th (thirsty? we got you covered)
  • Berlin, Sat June 15th (after the event, join us for the end-of-the-tour party at Die Wiesenburg)

What is it? In a nutshell, you’ll walk in with your laptop, some curiosity about Tezos and maybe confused ideas about baking. You’ll walk out full of knowledge and with a functional Tezos node (mainnet), just add at least a roll (as of today = 10000 XTZ), and you’re good to start baking.

There is no tech/crypto threshold, everyone is welcome. We’ll present a quick overview and explain more along the way during the day. Just bring your laptop(no MacBook, sorry) and, if you don’t want to do the installation on the internal HDD, bring also an external usb HDD (>200GB). If you have a Ledger nano S, we can show you how to store your tezzies and bake safely.

need more info? here is the announcement

follow us on twitter: TezosOnTheRoad@tezosOTR
web(coming soon):

please drop an email if you are planning to attend (very informal registration), it will help us with the logistic of the event.

On the driver’s seat:
Claire (Berlin only), Keefer, Lukas, Max