Announcing Tezos Libre


Hi everyone, this is to announce Tezos Libre.

We’re totally dissatisfied with the DLS management of the project until now, and we’re forking DLS-Tezos removing all premined coins and setting a Bitcoin-like hard cap, among other things.

We published our guiding principles in our Manifesto, and we’ll be providing updates on how to split your DLS-tezzies on our Telegram channel.

Please beware of anyone asking for your privkeys: we won’t need them, as you’ll be able to split just by locally signing tx data.

We believe forks a healthy way to create coopetition: cooperative competition. At the end, the Market is the only judge. We firmly reject the fiat-like approach of trademarking, copyrighting, lawyering, premining, vetoing, etc.

We do understand this is the DLS approach, which is currently shared by most community members. Still, we are pointing out that there exists another, very different, approach to realize the Tezos vision: the one Satoshi took when creating Bitcoin.


There is no surprise. Everything evolved as expected. A nomic bank is always attacked by fiat money holders and proponents. This is what history shows.


Yes, and that’s why we created Tezos Libre. We’re removing all premined tokens ($200M+ is more than enough to develop the protocol), and all the easy attack vectors for fiat adversaries to manipulate the network. Blockchains are meant to be about code and trustlessness, not about lawyering and special interests.


Where is your gitlab?
Is it public?


Same question as above…

Great to have principles, I am waiting for the code !


Thanks for the questions. We just fixed a bug in the Tezos repo. If you want to get updated on our code releases you can follow us on Github.