Alphanet not syncing


Hi all - just installed tezos on 2 devices and neither of them is syncing (still at genesis block). I had this problem in the past and when I reinstalled Linux, suddenly it worked again. One of the devices is running for more than a day. When I run

#sudo ./ client network stat

==> it gives a different result between the 2 devices.

Anyone has an idea on how to kickstart the alphanet?



Quoting @maxtez-raspbaker:
“if you have absolutely zero connections “Too few connections (0)” after several hours, I would kill the “tezos-node” process then delete everything in the folders “.tezos-node/store” and “.tezos-node/context” and restart “tezos-node”. There is probably a better/safer/more elegant way around it but this extreme measure usually works!”

==> This did the trick indeed!
Now I’m partially synced on RP3. Still need to reboot once in a while when it stops syncing. Already at mid december :slight_smile:


I had to wait about one hour before it started syncing.