Allocation of Coins?


Since the fundraiser has closed there hasn’t been any announcement. Would be great to be assured that everything is still on track.

Previous post in June: “From an exchange perspective, it’s a long road from ICO to being listed on Coinbase. Most likely, Tezzies will be tradable on small to medium sized exchanges like The team has made no commitments yet on the timing or liquidity of coins received in the ICO.”

Any updates on this? Would be great to gauge timelines moving forward.


Maybe update too.


Please remember this is an unofficial channel.


I wasn’t aware this was the unofficial community. Makes it a little more worrying. They perhaps made the biggest heist in history of ICOs :scream:


Au contraire, you are supporting the biggest shakeup since the blockchain began.

Patience you must have young padawan.

In the meantime why not learn more of what disruptions Tezos’ is bringing, Language-theoretic Security explained in five slogans.


Here is the first announcement, after the fundraiser has closed:

I think, that this is a useful step.


I hereby declare to be the official tezos community.
There you go, problem solved. Next.


Thx, diversification makes sense. I’m waiting for the # of XTZ the ICO ‘created.’ Have I missed any word on that?


I believe that you haven’t. What is the typical turn around time with ICOs to announce this information?


I was updating a spreadsheet during the ICO so I have approximate contributions during bonus period intervals. Using a bitcon/ether ratio calculated at time of bonus period interval and the bonus allocation amounts, I estimated the below XTZ. This is just my best guess. I’m thinking the allocation will be between 600K & 800K XTZ. I believe I may have missed some misc allocations but this is close.

20% - 438,754,588
15% - 31,066,790
10% - 14,174,318
5% - 12,039,373
0% - 56,365,679
TOTAL - 552,400,748
FOUNDATION - 10% - 55,240,075
DLS - 10% - 55,240,075
TOTAL - 662,880,897


Good try but you’re about 100,000,000 out! The Foundation and DLS get 10% each of the total supply not 10% of the contributers’ share. Actual total supply will be 763,306,929 - they just posted a breakdown here:


Yeah, I was a little confused on the 1/8 10% allocation but you cleared that up. Thanks


The geometric average of 2,908 ꜩ is encouraging.


@Chainomatic - I’d love to hear more thoughts on the good, bad and ugly from the fundraising numbers. Why do you find the geometric average encouraging?


I looked at it from the perspective of those “average” ꜩ holders.
They are scheduled to be allocated 2,908 ꜩ

The question becomes: will that quantity be significant to them?

The answer, a resounding yes!

They have enough skin in the game to care instantly about the future of Tezos.

No delusion here, I know people are people but our human tendencies should be used supporting us not exploiting us. With that quantity, they will be interested in preserving and increasing the value of Tezos.

And who knows they might even envision changing the world because now they can.
What a great time to be alive.


This page shows an estimate of tizzies created as well as number of wallets created. It also tries to give a valuation, but it is simply the number of tezzies created by the contributions divided by the USD contributed.

I believe I read that a few of the exchanges were expecting them to be able to be traded by December, but that was a rough estimate.