Activation was unsuccessful

Hi, everyone!
I got a problem during Restore my wallet:

I followed instraction:

  1. Go to, enter my public key hash/activation code. Then check it on Tezzie are present.
  2. Go to Fundraiser wallet > enter my data

Next what i see :“Activation was unsuccessful - please ensure the code is right, or leave it blank if you have already activated it”

Next I cleared field “actiovation code”
And it’s ready!

I hope this information usefull for you!
Thanks everybody for your attention!
And best regards!

hi same here too. i did put the same activation code i received. copy pasted. still it says check code, activation unsuccessful. and when i put my fundraiser public address on the password checker. it reccommends me someother public address and as soon as i put that address. it says good to go, and the thing is for the activation and password checker, they dont recognise my fundraiser public address even though i received my activation code based on my fundraiser public address,

Try enter your email adress, password (which are you creater last year), public address without activation code (its optional). Wallet was successful active after there step.
Good luck