Accessing tezzies


I see the beta net has launched. Following the steps on the website, the final step to accessing my allocation of Tezzies is to use a command line client that is linked to this page:

However, the website I click through to using the link in step 3 is not secure, and it is not at all obvious how to actually access my tokens.

What is everyone else doing at this stage? I thought once the betanet was launched that I’d be able to set up some kind of wallet to store my Tezzies. I’d love to get some feedback on wallets that people may be using and the steps to store the tokens in such wallets.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I have the same question. I’ve done all the KYC stuff and have my activation code, but when I check for my Tez address I see a zero balance. But my ICO wallet says I have a balance. I got the same result when I entered my public key, email address and password into the TezBox Chrome app.

So, it seems I am missing a crucial step. Is using the CLI the only way to release our ICO funds?


I’ve received a mail from CryptoDelegate (Mike Monahan), whom I’ve chosen to be my delegate in which is described another way to access a blockchain.
First, you need to go to and click the “Access the Online Wallet” button in the lower middle of the screen.

Next choose to restore wallet and then chose Fundraiser wallet

And finally enter all the fields. If you’re lucky - you’ll find your Tezzies. :wink:
For some reason - I cannot say I did :frowning:


Didn’t work for me either. At least it’s one better in that the website was a secure one. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be accessing our Tezzies firstly from a wallet on the Tezos foundation website, and THEN moving it to a wallet of our choice.

Anyway, if someone has successfully set up a Tezos wallet and seen their balance after doing so, I would love to hear from you.


I got my tezzies in wallet


Go to
put your Activation Code and wallet add


**I guess this might be the reason:**
“You need to wait for the activation operation to be included in a block, this could take a few minutes (usually) but may be longer if the network slows down.”


Thank you very much! Solved :fu: :wink: