Accessing Tezos wallet

I have a Tezos wallet number. I got it when I made my contribution last year. But is this really a wallet? If so, how do I access it? Or use it to delegate? Or is this even possible? I’m leery of creating a new wallet where I have to use my 15-word secret key.

you can login to every wallet via your seed words.
for delegation you cant use the tz1 address, but you must create a KT1 address. I would recommend tezbox for first use and make another account there to get known with the basics

Tezos specifically tells you not to give your seed words to anyone. Wouldn’t that include providing this information to Tezbox, which is a third party? Is this truly a safe process? Are there alternatives? I know there are people in this forum with lots more tech savvy than me, but I’ve been trading crypto for years and this just seems a little half baked. Thanks!

I think GORFL is refering to the seed words generated when creating the tezbox wallet.