Access to contribution funds

I am having trouble accessing my contribution through tezbox fundraiser wallet option. I have checked that all the information is accurate over and over and I am still getting the same error “Your fundraising details don’t seem to match”

I have checked that the contribution amount is on the chain through the block explorer and it hasn’t moves

Is there another way for me access this allocation?

Please help.

I had some trouble too. The writer/creator of contacted me and suggested I try his wallet and it worked! Saved my 1600+ Tezzies!

Maybe give that a shot after you do some checking.

I had the same problem because I was cutting and pasting. I finally had to put in each character at a time and I had to do that a couple of times but it finally worked.

blockchainbrit Gryphone Hey mates, I know that tezbox is great wallet from Stephen Andrews, well-known person in Tezos community. Just suppose that you need to be careful.
As an alternative, I can suggest to try Magnum wallet, that also has the option for fundraiser wallet restore and built-in delegation service. Contact me in case of any issues.

Sadly that didn’t work for me

Can you share where we can find this wallet? Tezbox is not allowing me to claim my contribution.

A link is Before you rush up to use this wallet, do your duly research if it is secure enough. I do not say that it isn’t, I don’t know. Try instead saving XTZ on the Ledger if you have one. You can find directions on how to do it on an address

@bkonjevi @blockchainbrit the security is a good point. I’m from Magnum team here and ready to answer any questions. As far as we implement delegation in one click in our wallet we passed the wallet review from many bakers, including Magnum is a light wallet that means we don’t store private keys. At the same time, everybody understands that SPV is just a technology with own advantages/disadvantages.

I’m not a coder, though I understand the basic principles. In my youth I used to code a little in the Cobol, Fortran 87 and C. This mean that we aren’t on the same level. Still - I must admit that one thing is unclear to me - what means this qualification of wallet without the private keys? Is it only some blockchain explorer? How to sign any transaction? How to claim fundraiser XTZs with such wallet?

Tezbox and Magnum have a similar implementation of the XTZ wallet. It called a light wallet. In the practice, it means that there is JSON-RPC over ssh connection between the web application and Tezos blockchain. The private keys are stored locally, using JS library (EZTZ it’s the official one from Tezos) it can restore/create the wallet, sign transaction locally. Then it will send over the internet signed transaction.

Claim fundraiser wallet works following the Tezos procedure, you need to fill necessary fields, that you’ve got during fundraiser campaign and it will restore the wallet using EXTZ methods.

I hope it becomes more clear now.

Hi, were you able to fix your problem? I´m having the same one and don´t know what to do.

Hello @RamFreak. Are you still having the same issue ?
I may be of help

Hi Shaun
Tezbox is no longer operative. I migrated my coins to Galleon. Is quite simple. Look it up. If you can´t find instructions let me know and I´ll help you.

Have you been able to claim your rewards for migrating to the galleon wallet ?