A simple question about the foundation?


Did the foundation make the disbursement of a sizeable budget to the development team for the completion of network development, test and deployment ?


i also have same question


I think a minimum level of cost incurred by the dev team is covered. In the end the foundation (with or without its passive board and president) has a purpose which is to foster the Tezos ecosystem. It is my understanding that the funds can only be used to serve that purpose as this is the only strict component of a Swiss foundation (the rest is - unfortunately - quite flexible). Over the last months, we should have seen many announcements of future collaborations between Tezos and institutions such as universities, companies, possibly even governments, but as we all know, this has not happened. I hope that - assuming that Gevers is now in Thailand on the beach drinking beer - this inertia will finally lead to the removal of the whole board. Even if Gevers simply does not get along with the Breitmans (and lets now assume its the Breitman’s mistake which I doubt), it does not justify this inertia and lack of allocation of funds to various activities. Long live Tezos.