A Letter to all Tezosnians and Tezos Foundation


This letter is Wetez sincere voice from hearts. It may have some complaints but we hope we can touch you by what we have done.

We don’t think a lot of people knew us not to say trust in our mobile wallet. Finally some Teozsnians and bakers recognize our work and encourage us to move on. We are touched to write this letter, conveying our ideas to Tezos community.

Sometimes we feel disappointed and wonder why our endeavors are not valued. We have accomplished mobile wallet for Tezos several months ago. We sent email to apply for listing out wallet. However, not every website include Wetez into their wallet list. Even though there is no available mobile wallet, Wetez didn’t get any grants from Tezos Foundation. We need to make our ends meet so we can’t open delegations to all bakers in the beginning. We accepted it because we knew Tezos Foundation have granted several wallet projects and Wetez has been invested by Continue Capital. Foundations told us they can help us with code audition. We really appreciated that because this can save us money and build our trust therefore more people can use our wallet. However, we have waited for almost two months. We did email and private messages several times. Progress are not moving forward. It disappoints us a little bit and is a lost to whole community. We think Tezos community deserve a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet.

In addition, Wetez is from Beijing. We knew Chinese community more than anyone. China is a huge market everyone knows that. Tezos is a good and hot project in the western world. However, it is not in China. Not so many people know what Tezos have done. Wetez wants to help Tezos move forward in China . We have a blog with 2000 followers, write 15+ original articles, and manage a 300 people wechat group in Chinese community. Most of people who have delegation need choose Wetez. We provide a proposal about marketing in Chinese community during applying tool grant. Still no further feedback. We think Tezos can do more in this huge market. Wetez is a good partner.

Wetez have always been an active member around bakers. Not just retweet. We digest every Tezos related information and have comments on our tweet almost everyday. Two weeks ago, we open our baker shop and Tezosnians can delegate to their favorite bakers from our wallet. We have contacted several bakers for feedback and maker wallet impartial. However, not so many feedbacks.

We wrote this letter to show community that Wetez is a trustworthy baker and we have provided community such a good tool. Hope Tezos community can take a look at us and give us feedbacks. Wetez is open-minded. With us, Tezos community can grow bigger in China and even in Asia.

Persistence and patience make Wetez today.

If you think we deserved better respect, we hope you can leave your comments in the below or share this letter.

Best regards,
Wetez Team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wetez_wallet


Tezos Vietnam is following you!
I’ve just make some topic to instruct people in Vietnam can use WeTez

i used your wallet and… excellent.
i give you best feedback.


Wow that is so nice of you.
Are you the baker? We would like to put you into the list in the next stage.


I’m support for VNCEX (www.vncex.com) Crypto Exchange Platform.
Owner: www.usdt.vn.
We are the first site open Tezos market in Fiat: XTZ/VND.

Nice to meet you


Really cool!

Is there any way we can collaborate?


Could you show me your contact? we can discuss more
I’ve often chat on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/vncexcom
Or Skype: live:idontwant2010_1