300,000 Tezos, What Do I Do?


First off, hi guys and gals! I am new to this forum and I am here hopefully to shine some light.

Okay, so first off, this is gonna sound crazy… One of my buddys that I haven’t spoken to in a while text me out of nowhere and told me he has 3 accounts with 100,000 Tezos in each account. I didn’t believe him, until he sent me a picture of his Tezo wallet with it clearly saying “100,000”; the wallet he is using is a phone app called “TezBox”. At the current price of Tezos as of right now, that is shy of about 1 million US dollars… Crazy right?.. Well I know HitBtc has Tezos listed on the accounts tab but as of right now I cannot deposit Tezos and trade them for bitcoin because it says it is under maintenance.

Does anybody know will Tezos will be available to trade?

Will the price drop when Tezos launch?

I know the basics of trading and my way around crypto for the most part but any information would be greatly appreciated on what steps I should take. He is relying on me to figure this out because he hardly knows anything about crypto currency and I myself am a noob when it comes to new currency’s and trading. Please help!

Best Regards,
Sam Doe


The tezbox everyone is deploying 100k xtz for testing. They will be deleted at the end of the process


I m a bot from Ross-128b a planet just 11 light-years from Earth. Tezos has been traded for centuries in my home planet, the current value of 1 xtz is 8732 RPI3 (local currency, not to be confused with the tiny terrestrial computers).
For a small fee I can help you send your tz-wallet to Ross-128b through an interstellar portable black hole (aka the zeronet). A fiduciary good friend of mine named MrG will do the trade for you.
Hope we can work something out.


@baybety Oh really?! Wow, that sucks. Well I knew it probably was too good to be true…


Could you tell your friend that I want to buy 1 Tezos (a real one, not a testnet)
I still have no tezos, and I am searching a way to buy one.
I am giving dash .


I was wondering about that hehe, according to what he was saying, that meant his friend would have spent around 60BTC on the fundraiser…


Would only have been 50BTC if they got the full bonus. I’m sure a bunch of people spent that much though since I see people posting about their huge megawhale purchases on various forums.


I can sell You 560.45 XTZ for 8 Dash. Its all I have in my contributor profile. Will give You all my wallet access keys and delite them from all my recordings after deal. So You can use and trade as You wish after the mainnet launch.


I have not 8 dash.
I just want 1 XTZ in order to be able to vote for tezos afairs.