2017-11-24 Tezos dev update


My analysis of this update :

  • Again, he did not say a word about his team on this project working closely together with him.

  • He was mentioning only himself working on a project. I watched this video twice and never heard a name of any other developer, or simply a team member without a name even

  • At 01:38 he is saying “on my end, I am working on several things mostly describing the proof of stake algorithm and hardening it, so I had been working on …”

  • At 01:54 he is saying “the other things that I am working on is hardening the way that…”

Several times he has pronounced a word “we” but that wasn’t his team mentioned this way. It was rather a general word without any specifics deciphering a word “we”

Artur, please mention your team members next time by names if you have ones, or at least show up together

Besides that, I did not see a good progress in code development in this update, pretty much same like the previous one.
Something is happening, but it does not make an impression like something big is happening.
It looks like he is working alone on this project, and his progress is very limited therefore.


It looks like Arthur prefers working solo and he is a lone wolf.

What is it? Is it greed, because you need to pay money to developers?

Or he does not bother himself by hiring people because there are no real tasks out there in the Tezos project except the scam? If it is a scam, then it is definitely very difficult to hire a somebody to imitate activity…


Oh look, more lies and FUD from IabeoTairovo, what a surprise. https://www.tezos.com/team

Have you even looked at github or tried the alphanet? You think Arthur could have done all that by himself? You must think highly of him.

Seriously, is someone paying you? It’s almost as if you have some quota of FUD posts to make on this forum per day. You seem to be the most active one on here lately, and just constant negativity and straight up lies. Very odd behavior for someone with a vested interest in the project. Sad.


Not only that, his theories change every day. Either he is a paid fudder or a kid living in his parents basement terrified that he just lost $100.


Regarding his team itself. Yes, I’ve seen that team composition on their site. But let’s have a look who was mentioned there.

Besides Arthur we have :

  • Kathleen Breitman - this woman was supposed to promote Tezos in media and she has done nothing so far in terms of Tezos marketing, PR, etc. So her role in this project raises lot of questions

  • Vincent Bernardoff - he has worked with Ocaml programming language four months in 2014 and 5 months in 2012. Both times in Ocaml PRO. Now he is a co-founder of Docomo (though I was not able to find what it is). He is positioning himself as a CEO and a Cofounder of Docomo. He never mentioned Tezos on his LinkedIn page. Maybe for a reason? Maybe Tezos was never a full-time job for him? Maybe it is a side project takes a very small amount of time on his schedule if any at all? And he is from France.
    Overall conclusion for him - very limited experience with Ocaml and very limited participation in Tezos project, located far away from Arthur

  • Çagdas Bozman - it looks like he is the only guy in the room who really knows Ocaml. Overall 6 years and 3 months of experience + PHD, but again for him, Tezos is a side project, not a full- time job. His full-time job is in OcamlPRO. What is his involvement in terms of time and efforts spent on the Tezos project we can only guess? he is also from France.
    Overall conclusion for him - the most experienced Ocaml developer in the team, with unknown involvement and participation into the project. Located remotely from Arthur

  • Benjamin Canou - has 4 years experience with Ocaml. Located remotely from Artur. Unknown involvement in the project, because he has never mentioned Tezos on his LinkedIn page. So chance are, it is a side project for him like a hobby

  • Pierre Chambart - wasn’t able to find anything about this guy on internet expect his GitHub page, which says nothing to 99% of the people. Living in France.

  • Grégoire Henry - has 4 years experience with Ocaml. Located remotely from Artur. Unknown involvement in the project, because he has never mentioned Tezos on his LinkedIn page. So chance are, it is a side project for him like a hobby

  • Mohamed Iguernlala - has 4 years experience with Ocaml. Located remotely from Artur. Unknown involvement in the project, because he has never mentioned Tezos on his LinkedIn page. So chance are, it is a side project for him like a hobby

  • Fabrice Le Fessant - he is the founder of OcamlPro, so it is very unlikely he is carrying about the Tezos project too much. Overall has 6 years of experience with Ocaml, located remotely

  • Guillem Rieu - he is a Lecturer / Small investor / Speaker. I don’t know how it may help Tezos

  • Alain Mebsout - he is a newcomer. Has 8 months of experience with Ocaml. he is still learning the language. Located in France.

So after examining the composition of Arthur’s team, I made a conclusion that this is not his team. It is rather Artur a part of this company called OcamlPRO. So, all these developers are working for a company called OcamlPRO, they are not working for Arthur guys, relax and don’t say I know nothing. It looks like you are overestimating everything
Arthur has no one working for him.
He just found a company of professional Ocaml developers called OcamlPRO and somehow hired them, but their involvement in the project is unknown and therefore still very questionable.

Don’t picture a best case scenario, don’t portrait them working full-time for Artur because it is not. They are not working for Tezos project full time. They are working full-time for a company called OcamlPRO.
Moreover, they are all located in France, while Arthur sitting in US and Switzerland. So why did not he hire people from the US for this job? it is an interesting question. Should he hire people from the US - they would be exposed to everyone in the US, their names will be known and experience analyzed. And of course, it will be very difficult for them to hide from the press.

So, no.For me, it is rather a negative sign that we have an entire company working on Tezos project outsourced to France. I would rather have domestic US team. It will be much more transparent. All these guys are not very good English speakers and are not willing to talk with English-spoken mass media. It is another bad sign rather than good.

This is why we never saw anybody else except Artur giving us updates.
Unlike Artur, Vitalik Buterin is always surrounded by dozens if not hundreds of developers on their meetings and most of them are working full-tme on Ethereum project…

Ethereum has been registered in Switzerland, but they have most developemt in US.


Any thoughts guys about this team?


no thoughts. Ok.
Noone actually learned what this team was before investing in it.
Now it is kind of discovery for everyone that team is 100% outsourced to France.
Why France? Why not Switzerland for example?
More questions than answers


OcamlPro people being on the team seems like a perfect fit, considering Tezos is written in Ocaml. Couldn’t imagine a better team. Others on the team have talked in one of the earlier updates, but it is not common for developers to do PR stuff anyway. You really think this is one big scam pulled off brilliantly by Arthur, and that he single handedly built the alphanet and fooled Tim Draper and other renowned advisors. Do you believe in unicorns too?

I really don’t have time to respond to your nonsense, so this will be the last one.


you guys always using terms like “best team”, “perfect fit” and so on.
but it is not as best as you may Imagine. That was exactly my point. They may be best in Ocaml, but who the hell told you that choosing Ocaml was a right thing? It may turn out the worst thing ever happened to Tezos.
I personally do not think that some big number of developers will ever join Tezos community because of this Ocaml.
Ocaml is a very rare programming language.
No one using it and never will.
Basically, Arthur has selected OcamlPRO team because they are his friends, not the best professionals.

As you may know, Arthur was born and raised in France, this is why he has selected French team. He simply doesn’t know anybody else better than them. They are his friends from his youth let say.

This is why Arthur has recently deleted his profile from LinkedIn - just to hide any footprints that may lead him to France and OcamlPRO.

Basically, he has deleted all his profiles from all social networks he used to have til just recently. This is obviously not a good sign. Usually, this is what fraudsters are doing when trying to get lost from their investors.

See his bio page here - https://everipedia.org/wiki/arthur-breitman/ All Arthur’s Social networks links are not working

I mean what else do you need?


I hope I am not feeding a troll here, but you seem genuinely concerned and maybe just need some explanation.

I (and I assume some others as well) are interested in Tezos precisely because they chose OCaml as their language. The fact that tezos is implemented in OCaml featured prominently in their pre-launch literature so you can’t claim to be surprised and upset by this decision.

The fact that they are working with OCamlPRO as the development shop is also nothing new, it was publicized in the Tezos Overview PDF before the fundraiser. OCamlPRO was founded by researchers from INRIA, which is the French academic lab that created OCaml. So given that Tezos is implemented in OCaml, OCamlPRO seems to actually be the “best team” and a “perfect fit”. They are most likely some of the best OCaml developers out there.

They are located in France because OCaml was conceived and created in France. Not because they are ‘friends from [Arthur’s] youth’. Contrary to your assertion, you do not need to speak english to be a good software developer.

All of that being said, Tezos could still fail due to market forces, incompetence, fraud, or any number of other reasons, but I don’t think you specific claims carry any merit.


He is just angry that things are taking so long and is venting his frustrations with every conceivable reason he can come up with to discredit the project, most of them lacking any deep understanding.
His frustration isn’t unique though, more and more are becoming angry at the foundation members for their arrogant silence and inactivity. This is the real problem facing the project, what to do about the members of the foundation who don’t seem to feel they are in any way answerable to those who funded the project.


Why would the fundraiser delete his internet and social media account/footprint?
What’s the good of that?


Why would the fundraiser delete his internet / social media account? What’s the good of that?