10,000 ꜩ roll size, is it too damn high?


Currently you need at least 10,000 tezzies to be able to stake on your own.
Such a high threshold means the little guy can not stake on their own. This leads to centralization. Also fewer delegation services, because cost of starting one are high.
In BTC, 4 mining pools give you >50% of the hash power, and we will have just 2.

Is there a technical or economical reason why the roll size is so high, and would there be plans to lower it?


just a suggestion, if you don’t want to deal with delegate services, why don’t you get in contact with other tz holders and run a baking node together, like a coop, sort to speak. Of course there should be a level of trust that needs to be established somehow.


Back in ICO days 10000 XTZ where 2 BTC (without a discount which was 30% if I remember well). Since BTC was about 2,500 dollars back then, you could get them for 5,000 x 0.7 = 3,500 dollars. By my opinion it’s far less than the equipment needed for being one of Bitcoin miner who can say that his job gives him some surplus. Of course, 10,000 XTZ are going to be far more than 3,500 dollars - but hey - why not earn them from this crypto frenzy world? A madness is still going on, everything is possible. I’m sorry that I put here only 0.5 BTC back then.