Hello Tezos Nation! Use this category to post events that you are organizing in your communities.


We need community organizers! Can you organize a meetup? Teach a class? Write a smart contract? Support a project? Tell us what you can do and we will help you get it organized!


Protocols are the operating instructions for the Tezos network. New protocols allow the network to incorporate the most desirable features of general interest into the operating model, rather than on a smart-contract or dapp basis.


For unofficial discussion and Q&A regarding the Tezos fundraiser. Note - Beware of phishers. The Tezos foundation or the Tezos team will never contact you directly asking for bitcoins or ether. Check all official communication on or


Services is your home for announcing, sharing, and learning about commercial services that are associated with the Tezos ecosystem. Buyer beware - nothing here is endorsed by either the Tezos Foundation or Tezos Community. Please do your homework before clicking on links, and sending coins or keys.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are code that is stored, verified and executed on a blockchain. Developers build smart contracts on Tezos in Michelson. Here we discuss Smart Contract concepts and implementations.


Protocols and Smart Contracts are developed in OCaml and Michelson. Lets discuss those languages here.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.